Things to do in Bangkok Part 2

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2nd part of my Bangkok trip post! Actually I had drafted this post long ago just that it was only half done and I had to procrastinate it until today because of my busy schedule.

It was my third day in Bangkok and I wore out my new top together with my new bag which I bought on the previous day. I should probably just pack one day's worth of clothings to Bangkok because I ended up wearing most of my new shopping hauls for the rest of the trip. Photobucket

Most handsome tuk tuk driver hahahaha.

We went to Chatuchak Weekend market that morning and we were greeting by the faces of...

Pickpockets! But most of them look similar so I suppose people also have a Bangkok-face like how we Singaporeans have the Singaporean-face wtf. 

Wherever we went throughout our trip the store owners would usually ask if we are from Singapore. Primarily due to the face that we never failed to haggle for wholesale price at every stop we go, even with the taxi drivers. Face palm moment.

Colorful streets! Feels like I'm in Bugis street, just that it's on a scale that is worth 10 football fields in size.  

Boyfriend acting like a local and we ended up buying that blue couple shirt

And we had Kebab! For the first time although I know Singapore's pasar malams (night market) has it. It tastes great, but it would be even better with all that chunks of raw cabbage and onions lots of other vegetables in it. Ended up plucking them out hahah.

Still a tiny bit hungry so boyfriend brought us to the Fruit Market which is just beside Chatuchak! We walked through their underpass / train stations where we exited Kamphaeng Phat exit 3.

Fruit Market!

Boyfriend came here a few times previously with his friends and he strongly recommended us to come over here for their Mango Sticky Rice. They have lots of fruits and you don't even need to wait for seasons to have them. Not to mention that they are huge in size!! Like 1.5 times the usual size of the fruits we have in Singapore.

If you are looking for dried local products like dried mangoes and longans and all that you could come here to get them too.

Store which is highly recommended. Look at all the mangoes!

I've never seen a mango that's riped so prettily wtf.

It comes with warm sticky rice and you have to pour the coconut milk all over it, not to mention the mangoes are the really sweet kind. It's like... having a party in your mouth 


And it only cost around 50 baht!

Mum buying some super huge lychees 

After eating we went back to Chatuchak for second round of shopping.

I was carrying the bag of lychees and somehow while we were going back, I swung the bag of lychee back and forth... back and forth until it flew out of my hand and the whole bag of lychee flew into the air and landed elsewhere. Most of the lychees were cracked open from the impact and I had to eat them on the stop T__T 

Boyfriend and mum couldn't stop laughing at me. Stop it!!!! I force you eat lychees. 


We continued our shopping until 7pm and we had a coconut dessert at one of the stalls!! It's coconut icecream and you get to choose your choice of toppings, alongside with a cup for you to get free refills of coconut juice. So refreshing and nice!! Why does everything tastes superbly nice in Bangkok.

Went back to our hotel to drop our things before we went back to the same hawker stall that's near by our hotel for yummy and cheap dinner!

Shopping hauls!

I had my hair in a braid the whole afternoon and when I loosened it it gave me very nice wavy mermaid curls! And that's how I found out the easy way to get them without tongs. Photobucket

Cant get out of bed.

We were taking the flight to Singapore at around 4.45pm hence we still had some time in the morning to do any last minute shopping. But fact is that we were so broke that we were looking for a money changer everywhere around Platinum Shopping Mall area.

Went to Shibuya 19 and the vicinity to shop but there isnt really much to shop. Items more or less over priced. Except that we found a shoe store which was located under the overhead bridge where most of the shoes were going for 120 baht! And they were those really comfy flats in all shades of color that I almost went insane with the selection. 

Thai Ol' McDonald. 

But no we didnt had McDonalds for breakfast. We went for A&W. But when we were placing orders at the counter a small cockroach just scurried across wtf!!! The girl at the counter didnt even bother to go after it or what and pretended that she never saw it =___= 

Headed back to the hotel with lots of luggage and the bell-boy offered to help us get a cab to Phayathai Station. We were pretty glad with the help offered but he got us a... Photobucket Tuk Tuk!!!

For those who have been in Bangkok should roughly know how big a tuk-tuk is. And for that matter, we had 3 luggages with us not to mention a hand-carry backpack. Somehow and somewhat they managed to fit all of us onto one. Color me surprised hahaha.

But it was quite risky la cause there wasn't any doors and one quick swerve is enough to make one of the luggage fly out of the tuktuk. So most of the time we had to hold on to it and the driver was very nice to go easy with the turns.

Just as I thinking how considerate and nice he was to go slow, we stopped in the middle of railway tracks while waiting for the traffic. Boyfriend was nice enough to point this out to me and asked me what would I do if there was an oncoming train. Photobucket

Phayathai Station! It's the yellow line so if you could see it in the picture the yellow line only has 2 stops - Phayathai station or Airport so it's really fast. Journey only took about 20 - 25minutes.

Boyfriend was telling me that I could walk from cabin to cabin through these doors but the signs only said "In an emergency". What if I pressed the door opened and the train stopped midway in the tracks??

So I gave up and we did all the touristy things hahahah.
Oh and we were wearing the couple set which we bought in chatuchak!

Ask boyfriend to help me take picture but he was so annoying because he kept on zooming all the way into my face -___-

Payback period hahaha


And somehow the roads to the airport are painted red

Satisfied our last craving for Mango Sticky Rice at the airport. But the mango wasn't too ripe so we had Sour Mango Sticky Rice wtf.

And we decided to have our proper lunch at one of the food outlets - Chinatown.

Their food was pretty goood! We had fried rice.. pad thai.. tom yum goong.. and

The best dumpling noodle I've ever had.

It's much better than our Pontian Wanton, the wanton noodle store beside Old Airport Road coffee shop and probably better than Bedok 85 bak chor mee T___T  

Finally got to check in we waited 40minutes in queue at the baggage drop counter just because the family ahead of us had overweight baggage and they refused to pay the extra charges!!

They had like 3-4 luggage with one odd-sized baggage which they checked in all at one go. When the guy at the counter told them that their baggage was oversized and had to pay extra charges, they had to make such a big fuss and waste everyone's time by saying that they wanted to take some things out of their luggage to reduce the weight.

Took back their baggage and took out some items but was still overweight!! The guy had actually key-ed in the entry and classify that luggage at checked-in but all of a sudden they said they dont wish to have it checked in but they will hand carry it instead. Ok.

But I believe the rest of their luggages were still overweight because the woman was making such a huge fuss about what not and insisted to see the manager wtf. In the end I think they lugged most of their items as hand carry because boyfriend saw them with multiple luggages in the departure hall lol.

And it just so happened that our flight was delayed!! We only took off the runway around 5.45pm.

While we were on the plane we met this super adorable girl. When I took out my sweets she would do lots of things like making funny facial emotions, sing or even act to attract our attention. Hahaha such a lively and bubbly girl.

When the flight attendent reminded her to buckle her seat belt during landing she did as mentioned and started to show her buckled seat belt to everyone in the area hahah!

Finally reached home in Singapore where everything smells clean and safe. It has been a great journey! Photobucket

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  1. I like your floral white top! Very pretty!

  2. Hi Angelica, Thanks for the compliment! ^^

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