10 months in braces

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Hi guys! Long time since I wrote about braces progress and the last update I had was when I was in braces for a month. To be truthful it's not very appealing nor glamourous to constantly take pictures of my mouth full of teeth in wire every month and flash them here once every day. It's equivalent to making you read a hippopotamus' biography.

But if you are still interested you can read about my experiences on consultation, extraction, and putting on braces.

I realised that it's quite hard to explain what my dentist had worked on thus far, so I've decided to do up a video :D  It's my first ever video and probably the first time you're hearing my voice so cut me some slack ok!!

So as I mentioned in my video I'm currently about 1 year into my braces treatment and these pictures were taken 2 months ago. Which I never got around to blog about it until today. The picture above shows my smile (as at 10 months).. And you could compare it to my pre-treatment smile.

A lot of difference right! The metal wire used to have their roller coaster tracks on my teeth and now they are aligned horizontally straight. For a period of time I didnt keep track of my teeth's progress from month to month because to me, the visible differences were not as large as compared to the first month's.

So one fine day I looked into the mirror and I realised.... my dentist has already fixed my under-bite for me without even realising it myself! Okay in case you don't quite get what is an underbite, here it is:

But mine wasn't so bad lah. I didnt noticed that he has fixed that problem because when I researched on it, dentists usually used elastics to correct any problem of under-bite or over-bite. So all along my dentist hadn't introduced me to elastics. Besides, I'm not eager to have that because a lot of my friends on braces complained that elastics took the life out of them T_T Which reminds me of the horror days when I had spacers in my teeth. 

So this is an illustration of how elastics are being used to fix your underbite. 

And miraculously my dentist has fixed it for me without any use of it which made me feel so lucky (that I can skip the elastic part) and thankful that my dentist is so good. I think he has God's hands wtf

Ok maybe not so because after my braces check up the other day I went back with a bruise ok the side of my mouth. This was because on that day of check up my dentist wanted to take some progressive pictures of my teeth and hence I had to fit 2 cheek retractors....

Like this wtf. 
And another mirror into my mouth...

Like this wtf!!

So the clinic nurse helped to hold them and pulled them apart so my dentist can take some pictures. It doesnt helps that my lips are dry by nature and my dentist said I have to bear with it because I've got a smaller mouth than others. I don't know if that's a blessing or a blessing in disguise. 

So that's how I got the bruising. 

Other than that.... This is lower set of teeth is progressing right now! Actually it became pretty straight and aligned already when I was 3-4 months in braces but I just never took any pictures of it. You can compare it to the pre-treatment photos

And here's the picture of my upper set of teeth (and my hidden tooth) as mentioned in my video in full glory. T_T

I never thought that it actually looked that bad until I took a picture of it to view it myself. I was horribly horrified wtf. Then I decided not to post the pictures up T_T

So all along my dentist has been working on shifting all of my front teeth to the right side, and my left canine tooth to the left. This is because the tooth which was pushed to the back was the lateral incisor tooth and it has to be right beside my central tooth.

I don't think you're going to understand what I've just typed above so here are the names of the teeth.

And this is my progress today as at 1 year! You could see that my central incisor tooth and canine tooth has made quite a lot of space for my tooth at the back. Thus next month my dentist can start working on shifting it out.

I've read another girl's blog whose set of upper teeth is very similar to mine (as in she also has a tooth which was completely pushed back). She's also undergoing braces treatment just that her dentist went about another way to fix it and she didn't liked it very much. So if you also have a situation very much like mine, it depends a lot on your dentist and it's best to communicate an understanding on how he is going to work on your teeth.

I'm not going to mention who my dentist is in this blog post anymore because the clinic nurse told me that he has a lot of new patients under him and I can't even get an appointment with him in advance of a month -___- So there goes my monthly appointment and the next appointment which I have is 6 weeks later. If you still want to find out about my clinic and dentist just go find my older posts okay!

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  1. Thanks. The infos above? Haaaaaay.. It really helped. Thanks! Thanks. :D

    1. Hi Angel! Thanks for the comment! And you are most welcome!! :))

    2. I have a mild underbite, and my sched for braces will be this friday. Hayy.. Best of Luck for me! :D

    3. oh that's really great to hear! I wish you all the best!! :))

  2. Hi jaslin! Do you mind telling me how much you spent on your braces on the first year itself? Thanks!

    1. hi dear! Sorry for the late reply hmmmm I didn't really counted it though. It's $900 for down payment when I started my braces, followed by $120 monthly. That's excluding the occasional scaling and polishing fees. So technically it should sum up to about $2,200 for the first 12 months. :)

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  4. Thanks! I do follow your blog and read it. You're really pretty:)

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  6. Hi, I just found out about your post recently and it really helps me.
    I underwent a quite same situation but instead of my lateral incisor tooth, it is my canine tooth that is pushed back behind the incisor.
    I'm in the middle of making room right now, so my teeth are pretty much in a chaotic position.
    I have a question, how much time do you need to pull the "pushed back" tooth to finally come to surface and aligned with the other teeth?