Braided twirls in my hair

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Been looking at so many braided hairstyles from hairstyle books and Pinterest that I thought I'll try to do mine too! To be truthful I'm not very good with braids on myself. I can always do it neatly for my friends but when it comes to braiding for myself.. I think I'm better off braiding a bird's nest hahaha.

The other day I was watching Yijing's hair tutorial on braided fringe with my mouth agape because she did it so effortlessly. Photobucket  I guess it's the way I hold my hair because the method to go about doing it is entirely different as compared to how you'll do it on another person.

And...... I think I caught the hang of it!!! It's like an epiphany or something like that T_T

Randomly chose one hairstyle from all the different books which I have and it turned out so pretty!!! Was fiddling with some filters and this filter turned my hair to a gorgeous shade of chestnut brown  Photobucket_Photobucket

I love it!!!! What about you?? Photobucket

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