Gardens By the Bay

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As blogged in my previous post, I went to Gardens by the Bay together with boyfriend, my brother and his girlfriend fiancee Joanne over the weekends. Initially our plan for the day was to head down to Funan to scout for a DSLR / Camera but we found out that Joanne actually has a Canon 550d at home. So we loaned it from her for a day to take some test shots at Gardens by the Bay.

Turns out the place was sooo huge! I doubt we can even finish walking the whole area within a day. We only went there during the late afternoon because we wanted to avoid the sun. The ticketing counter was super packed and some of the attractions closes around 7pm so we didn't bothered queuing for the tickets anymore. Waiting time in the queue was almost 1 hour!

Just as we were testing different functions of the camera.. boyfriend randomly squatted down to take some close ups and this turned out to be the cutest flower I've ever seen!! They look like tiny ribbons!

And they turn full bloom into tiny and pretty yellow flowers~

Walked further into the garden and we found another ticketing booth with no queue right under the OCBC Skyway (as above). Tickets are at $5 per pax to go up the OCBC Skyway. However my brother and Joanne didnt purchased theirs because apparently some foreigners were giving away their tickets around the area and they got a free pair.


I tried to take the same picture but there comes my brother's hand =____= 

The queue was around this..... roundabout (?) which was pretty nice because we get to sit down in the queue.. and wipe the surface with our butts while we constantly shift forward wtf

Boyfriend and me! Look at my teeth's gaping hole hahahah

Picture of my brother and Joanne. 
Boyfriend set up the speed burst function on the camera and.....


hahahaha. I wonder how my brother manage to stay so focused.

We set up the tripod stand and took even more pictures!


My hand turned into a V shaped because I wanted to squeeze his chin but by then the camera stopped taking photos


Hahahaha.We were the only two person who were totally involved. Which reminds me of our former president SR Nathan's picture where we appeared in a couple's pre wedding photo:

(Photography from Lightedpixels)

Anyway we got up the OCBC Skyway and the view is pretty nice! I wouldn't say breath-taking because the other side of the scenery was a construction site. It's 7 storeys high and you could actually see through the mat to the ground floor! Normally I do not have any fear of heights but it still took me a minute or two to get used to the high height.

My brother was pretty hilarious because he has a fear of heights and the moment he got up he wanted to go down again LOL. So throughout the walk he was hurrying us to go along -___-. What a spoilsport.. Joanne said luckily their tickets were free because it'll totally be a waste on my brother. Niak niak..

Picture taken by one of the staff. The angle turned out good! I suppose many tourists have been requesting a photo by them that they know exactly the correct and perfect angle.. hahaha.

Went to walk around after we got down but it was only a while before the sun sets. We tried doing jumpshots at one area but we ended up with soooooooo many tiny mosquito bites!

In the first picture you could actually spot a woman in brown blouse and black skirt walking past. So when boyfriend landed from his jump the woman got a fright and went "AIYO! *shocked face* 吓死我" (gave me a fright!) Although I know it's pretty mean but we broke into fits of laughter on the spot hahahaha

This is one failed jumpshot picture because we couldn't figure out how to set the shutter speed and what not. But posting it because..... just take a look at my brother LOL

Walked over to Marina Bay Sands to take even more pictures before calling it a day by going to Swee Choon for some Dim Sum! We tried to catch the night show at OCBC Skyline at 7.45pm. But somehow they had some technical difficulties that the show dragged on to 8pm and it wasn't even up when we were already in the car driving up the high way. Little bit of disappointment but it's okay! Gonna head back there some other time.. but maybe not during weekends and public holidays because everywhere is full of people and not to mention long queues. Photobucket

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