Getting my haircut after years

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I've finally gave in, plucked up my courage and decided to take a plunge once and for all and snipped away over 20cm length of hair!! I'm so proud of myself!! And liking how my new length seemed to make my hair look thicker and healthier. Photobucket

Changing my hairstyle (or getting my ends snipped off) was an agonising decision which went through my head over and over again for the longest of time. When I kept my hair long since I was very young and I like it very much! Look!!

Me, my brother and my cousin Damien.

I think these were the last photos which I had long hair. Then came the time when I had to enrol into my brother's primary school - Chongfu Primary School - somewhere near my neighbourhood.

The primary school which my mum had chosen for us was a pretty strict and traditional school, where by all girls are not allowed to keep long hair unless they are on the school's Chinese dance group. I like dancing since young when my mum enrolled me into our neighbourhood community centre's dance group, so joining the dance club in my primary school was a perk for me. I get to do what I like and I get to keep my hair long! But somehow or rather my mum refused to and I had to snipped away all my hair right to ear-length. (!!) 

And tadah.... to prepare me for my primary classes my long hair was gone when I was 6. Genting holidays during June!! Look at the big Coca Cola bottle in Genting.. Does anyone still remember that??

You can actually see the dates on the pictures!

Picture of me (and my short hair) in my performing costume while I was in the community centre's chinese dance group!

First day of school hahahah.
Ok stop trying to pronounce my chinese name.

And I had short hair for the next 6 years T_T

I have never understood the idea or reasoning behind the school rule of "no long hair allowed unless you're on the dance group". Ok I know performing girls need long hair to tie them up and keep them out of the face during performance, but why we normal students just can't keep our hair long???

Does keeping long hair makes our grades drop? Or does keeping long hair distract us from our studies? Or is it because girls with long hair would take a long time to get ready for school thus having a higher tendency to be late and that is why long hair is banned for the rest of the girls in school? Really, I don't get that.

I was very sad over it lah T___T. So over the next 5 years I tried to keep my hair long but my form teacher would always catch me and ask me to trim my hair. This was the longest length I managed to get!

The reason I said 5 years was because after pleading with my mum to let me join the dance group for 5 consecutive years, my mum finally relented when I was in Primary 6! So happy wor.. I did all the stretching I could do at home in order to do a perfect split, have bendy bodies to pass the auditions to get into the dance group. Approached the dance instructor during the CCA registration day only to be rejected by him. Apparently, I'll be having my PSLE that year and I should be focusing on my studies.. Thus I was rejected... FML.

By that time I think I already grew out of my decent cuteness and got into a mid teen crisis because I look like THIS.


I think this was taken when I was in Primary 6 LOLOL. Looking at these pictures reminds me of how I should never get another short haircut in my life because it just doesn't contours my face shape well hahahaha.


Fast forward, I enrolled into a secondary school and that's when I got into Chung Cheng High Yishun. Again it's quite a strict and traditional school where they have strong beliefs in chinese values. So anyway, the school rules are the same for girls' hair! Not in the dance club, no long hair. (WHY!!)

Being dance deprived for almost 6 years (if you exclude line dancing which I learnt during my child care days) I joined the dance club and I get to keep my long hair! I remembered that on a chinese new year visit to my grandma's house one year, my uncle noticed that I started to wear my hair long and asked if I wanted to keep my hair long like sailormoon.

Yes I do Photobucket

And it was my favourite cartoon.

But each time when my hair started to grow long, my mum would ask me to go and get a trim. Which also reminds me of the time back then while I was in my child care. There was this girl who has short hair but all of a sudden her hair seemed to grow at lightning speed wtf! I asked her what did she do to her hair she just told me she usually trim her ends every 2 months or so.


Each time my hair grew 2cm, my hairdresser would snip off a mile when I asked for a trim. (!!!)  Besides, your hair grows from your roots in your scalp not the ending roots of your hair. Been keeping my hair since I was 15 and I only went to a hairdresser to get a trim ONCE. So whoever tells you that the secret to keeping your hair long is to go for a trim and snip your hair, just kindly give that person a smack in the face. Photobucket

So that explains how my hair never grew long in the first few years of secondary school. Here's a picture that I found when I was.... 14 or 15? HAHAHAHA.

My hair was only just past my shoulders and I hadn't had any soft rebonding done to my hair yet. Besides, hair layering was apparently very much in the trend at that time so I kept on layering my hair. Even though my hair has already reached my bra strap level, from far it just looks like my real hair length is only at my shoulders. See la, follow trend blindly. T_T

Looking at these pictures just made me want to cry and laugh at the same time. I used to look like that!!! It's either that I have too much confidence in myself or was it some self-deluded confidence that I thought I actually looked...... pretty. HAHAHHA. If guys happened to turn in my direction while I was walking by, it meant that they were interested in me HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

So anyway, when I was around 15 or 16 I went along with the trend and did soft re-bonding and my natural waves are gone (biggest regret ever nuuuu). Upon graduation from my secondary school I went to did extensions as above and had super long hair!! It took me additional 4 years for my own hair to reach that length. However hair extensions are pretty hard to maintain so I took it off after a month or two. 

That's when I started to keep my hair really long and never really went to a hairdresser except for one occasion. 

At that point of time I hadnt had a hair cut in years and my ends are becoming really bad, with split ends and all. With all the previous layering I did back in secondary school I wanted to keep my layers long now! Because the layering did nothing but just made my hair look thin and unhealthy. So when I relunctantly went to a hair dresser, I told her I wanted a trim. 

A TRIM. Which is a word most hairdresser (especially the aunties) never failed to understand. A trim is at most a 3-4cm cut but my hairdresser just went ahead and CUT off (not trim anymore) quite a bit of length and even went to trim my layers which I so wanted to keep wtf!! It's like back to ground zero again. Was very unhappy and angry with the hairdresser and never went back to her. And never trusted another female hairdresser FTS.

You could see how layer made my ends look so thin and unhealthy and it just made my actual hair length looked shorter than it already was. This picture was taken when I was 19 I think.. my hair has already reached my waist!!

But to be truthful, layering isn't that bad at all. In fact layering gives you very pretty results if you were to give them some curls. But for me I hardly have to time to curl them so I'll just wear them straight... Kinda no point though.

So I just kept my hair longer and longer until it reached my butt!! It wasn't so much of a problem until a point of time when my long hair gave me lots of troubles. My hair got into the way when boyfriend gives me a hug, and my hair got caught in the way on numerous occasions that it started to become annoying. Photobucket

For example, if I were to carry a shoulder bag, the straps would always sit on my hair. Then I would have to take my bag down, grab my hair to the other shoulder before carrying my bag again. I couldn't just easily lift my bag a little and swing my hair out as I had to tug at it a few times before it finally got out of the way. 

And in my own opinion I'm starting to drop hair wtf!!! Actually I noticed it when I went to did my second rebonding when I was 16. I think the hairdresser did it too close to my scalp (near the hair parting) and at that point of time I thought that it was only flat. But over the time it never seemed to get better. T_T Plus, I went to dye my hair when I was 17 and 18 so it doesn't helps my situation much. The last time I dyed, I kept to a darker color so when my roots grew out it wouldn't be too contrastingly obvious. 

At that point of time an auntie suggested that I cut my hair short because maybe it might be due to the fact that my long hair is getting heavy for my roots (?) and I kept tugging (and accidentally snapping) my hair in all directions because long hair is so hard to maintain haih. So that set me thinking on what kind of hair cut do I want to get..

Have it permed??? But it would be hard to maintain due to my schedule..

Really short hair again???
 But I would think about my days back then in Primary 6 looking like a teen in crisis hahahaha

Or maybe something short like that!! BUT WHAT IF I MISS MY LONG HAIR AGAIN? T_T

While I agonise over the different major haircuts... I decided to snip off all my layers once and for all in the mean time. I asked the hairstylist (no longer a female hairdresser thank you) how short would I have to cut if I wanted all my layers gone without going too short. So he pointed this length and I went ahead with it!! He said I still have more layers, but this length would do if I wanted to keep my long hair. Hence I went along with it!!  

And this is the result!!

Doesn't look very much of a big difference but I've already snipped away around 20cm's length of hair!! My ponytail is so short now and my braiding my hair is a breeze without the ends braiding itself while I braid the top section of my hair. No longer have to spam too much conditioner and blow drying my hair takes 15 minutes shorter LOL. Loving my new hair length!!

 In the meanwhile.. goodbye my long mermaid hair!
Maybe I'll see you again in the near future if I decide not to do any other drastic changes to my hair Photobucket

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  1. My girlfriend did her hair rebonding at Soft Rebonding Singapore and I think it was a great job! Now she has no more complaints about split ends etc, let's see how it turns out in the next few weeks =)

  2. You could donate your hair if you are planning to go short. But, wth... you look great with long hair

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