Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Moisturizing Eye Cream and SHA Hydrating Lotion Review

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Hi ladies!

Hada Labo has recently launched two new products! The Hada Labo SHA Moisturizing Eye Cream (right) and the reformulated Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion now with new Nano Formula (left).

Ok before I go on.. let me share with you their impressive history.

Hada Labo has a long history that goes back to 100 years ago. For those who are familiar with the brand Mentholatum, Hada Labo skin care line is the result of the joint development effort between The Mentholatum Co. and Rohto Pharmaceuticals Co. to make a good quality skin care product, backed up by excellent technology. These big names are are renowned for their research and development of quality and safe products, continuously creating satisfaction and happiness to the consumers.

They are living up to their name of continuously creating satisfaction and happiness because I couldn't be more happy to receive this sponsorship! The product in the picture above is their Hada Labo SHA Moisturizing Eye Cream. It's all Japanese on the packaging so when I first received the product I was a little confused.

School life have never once showed mercy to my eye bags every morning so I've been looking for a good eye cream for the longest of time! Ok I know there's the Garnier brand one in the market but there's been quite a bit of negative reviews so I'm not quite sure I would purchase it. And there comes along Hada Labo's Moisturizing Eye Cream

Because the skin around our eyes is thinner, the area often shows the first signs of aging. To combat that and give younger looking eyes, Hada Labo eye cream contains:
  1. 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid (Super, Nano, Normal) for thorough and deep moisturization;
  2. ACTIFLOW ingredient to increase blood circulation and lightens dark circles and puffiness;
  3. Jojoba Oil to smoothen fine lines around the eye area at the same time.
Just like all Hada Labo products which keeps to their philosophy of PERFECT X SIMPLE , this eye cream is simple in a way that it is pH balanced with no animal derivatives, fragrance, mineral oil, alcohol nor colorant. - Yay to no alcohol! Which makes it gentle enough even for sensitive skin. 

Product Design: I like how I can easily control how much cream I wish to dispense just by applying pressure to the tip. No need to get my fingernails nor cap dirty.

Texture. Just this small amount is enough for me to apply adequately on one side of my eye.

So what you should do with the Hada Labo Eye cream is to use it twice daily by dabbing a small amount under and around your eye area using fingertips! But personally I would prefer to use my ring finger because in that way I'm only using the least amount of pressure on the delicate skin. Should you use the product regularly the eye cream will improve your skin texture, wrinkles and puffiness around your eyes.  And do use it only after applying your toner!

Texture wise is like your normal vaseline lotion or cream. Could be easily spread over a wide area so I could actually use just a small amount sparingly. Once after application it it actually takes a while for my skin to absorb so what I do is I'll stand infront of my fan for a bit before I proceed to put on sunblock or BB cream as my make up base. It's a little greasy straight after application but give it some time you won't be able to feel much of a thing after absorption - very light weight. 

Scent: The eye cream is fragrant free.

Effects wise, I think it will probably take some time to show any visible difference.. Because I dont really suffer from bad cases of puffiness (unless I've been crying buckets during the night) nor wrinkles yet. But my under-eye area seems a little bit more supple than before. Shall use it religiously to see if it'll lighten my eye bags!

But on a side note, I think the best and immediate remedy for eye bags is getting adequate sleep. Did you know by getting 8 hours of sleep a day you can actually stay slimmer too! Personally tested and proven haha but maybe that's another post for another day.

Back to Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Moisturizing Eye Cream, it's now available at all Watsons nationwide at $21.90 which is pretty affordable.

Now, the other product will be Hada Laboi's SHA Hydrating Lotion!

Actually it gets kind of confusing that Hado Labo has more and more moisturizing lotion on the market that sometimes I'll be spoilt for choice. So what's different about this lotion is that it has a new Nano formula!

The new "Nano" Super Hyaluronic Acid in Hada Labo boosts its hydration power, and now enables full and thorough hydration from skin surface to deep within. So the Super hydration power in Hada Labo has now gone Ultra wtf. Here a better description and illustration to aid your understanding:

In case you are wondering, this is the bestseller in Hada Labo's hydration series.

If you look closely at their "Directions", it says to use it after cleansing face. What about toner?!

In case you are wondering just like me, I just found out that in most Japanese skincare, toner is referred to as lotion. So lotion = step of toner. The lotion actually helps to prepare skin for better absorption of your moisturiser or other products which you apply onto your face subsequently.

Then you may ask what is the difference between toner and lotion? 

There are a few types of toners:
  1. Astringent: Contains high proportion of alcohol. Helps control oily skin, effectively minimizes pores and refreshes skin.
  2. Smoothing Toner: Prepares skin for better absorption of other skin care products. Helps make skin smoother and more moisturized. Which can also be referred to as Lotion, which in turn is also the product which I have right now. 
  3. Cleansing Toner (Alkaline): Removes and wipes away dirt and impurities.
Hence moral of the story is to use this lotion after cleansing your face.

Pour two to three drops on the palm, and gently pat onto skin until lotion is thoroughly absorbed. Am pouring it on to the back of my hand to better show you it's texture.

Texture wise, when I shook the bottle I thought it's a watery solution and for a moment I wondered if it would spill all over my hand if I were to pour it on the back on my hand. But to my surprise it's not really that watery and it spreads very easily on my hand. Light weighted, just a little bit is enough to cover a wide surface area.

After application: The after application is a little bit sticky.. but after a while it's pretty much ok. Cant really feel the stickiness but your skin feels supple! Some individual may find the lotion a little too sticky because it doesn’t contains alcohol. Therefore, the lotion doesn't really evaporate. Instead it sits on your skin a while to lock in the moisture on your skin to keep it well hydrated and supple.

Scent: Product is also fragrant free which is another plus point

Do remember to pat on your face to promote faster absorption! I think you can probably do away with cotton pads because applying it with your palm would give you more effective results in absorption.

Both the products could be found in Watsons. The Hada Labo SHA Moisturizing Eye Cream is retailing at $21.90 while the SHA Hydrating Lotion is retailing at $22.90.

You can also redeem your own sample of the Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion by going to Hada Labo's Facebook page  at www.fb.com/hadalabosg.

If you are looking at other products which Hada Labo may have, you could also read my previous reviews on Hada Labo's UV Moisturizing Milk (sunblock, moisturizer and make up base in one) and Retinol Lifting + Firming Lotion.  

Special thanks and many loves to Mentholatum and EK Media for sponsoring the lovely products! 

P.S. Have corrected the language of the words on the packagings which were stated incorrectly. 

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  1. Do you not know the difference between korean and japanese wordings?! They are so different mind you. & more over you are doing a sponsorship post from them but yet you dont know they are japanese products? Shame on you.

    Where's your credibility?

  2. Hi there, nope I do not know the difference and you have no right to assume what I know and do not know. Thanks for helping me to spot the mistake. I don't feel that I should be feeling shameful for making an error and other than that you have no right to question my credibility. Bugger off keyboard warrior.

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