Lethargic Friday

6:08 AM JustJaslin 3 Comments

Hi guys! It's Friday and how was your week? It had been a long week for me although I had only attended 2 days of school. Project deadlines are catching up and I'm practically slogging my guts and burning midnight oil till dawn. No make up done in the pictures and you could practically see my tired eyes with those eye bags gosh. It's my birthday tomorrow and that day also marks the 32nd month for boyfriend and I! Photobucket

Was rummaging through my accesories drawer and I came across my necklace which I bought from Forever 21 almost a year ago :P Always had trouble trying to match it with my outfits without having the edge-y factor being too overbearing. Paired it with my plain white top and shorts and I like how my plain outfit turned out!

I bought some earrings recently and it finally arrived through the mail yay! Can't wait to show them to you because they are more of like ear accesories. But before that..... I need to figure out how am I going to wear them!! 

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your simple outfit with amazing necklace. I want that, it's so my blog. So Style Grenade. :))

    xx Diana