Mentholatum Acnes Sealing Jell and Creamy Wash

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This is my 10th review on Mentholatum's products and 2nd one on their Mentholatum Acnes Skincare series products! In my last Mentholatum Acnes review I wrote about their Medicated Creamy Wash and Daily Facial Scrub.

This time round, I received Mentholatum Acnes' Sealing Jell and once again their Medicated Creamy Wash. As it's the second time I'm receiving their Medicated Creamy Wash I figured you guys would not be interested in my same point of view so I roped boyfriend in! Thus you will be getting reviews from a guy's point of view

Here are the products!

Mentholatum Acnes is actually the best selling brand in Japan for both the ladies and gentlemen who suffer from oily skin and - as the name suggests - acne prone skin.

It begins when sebum (oily substance) is naturally discharged from the oil glands of the skin. The higher your sebum discharge rate, the higher the probability that you may develop acne. They are a naturally occurring skin problem where approximately 85% of all people between age 12 to 25 will develop acne to some degree. Personally for me I'll develop mild acne during examination periods because from the lack of sleep and stress I put on myself wtf.

But anyway, proper care for the skin can help to prevent & reduce pimples. A suitable acne skincare regimen can help you solve your pimple problems!

The Acnes Sealing Jell is an oil-free light gel that is known to
  • Prevent acne formation 
  • Soothe discomfort of acne-prone skin
  • Keep oil secretion under control and remove excess sebum
  • Tightens pores
  • Deeply cleanses and regulates your skin condition.
On top of these the Sealing Jell contains Sulfur which unblock pores and promotes healing for an effective acne treatment. 

The texture is quite thick and opaque with just a little a tinge of green / yellow. I half expected the scent to smell like some sort of medication but to my surprise it has a very mild and pleasant fragrance! Think something along baby lotion's moisturiser smell. And I have to tell you why I like this product so much!!

I am usually receptive to trying out different brands of products which I do not have, or whereby I already have a similar product but it's just not The Perfect One for me. But when it comes to certain skincare products which I've been using for a period of time, I'll be quite skeptical if you come along and introduce me another brand.

It's like trying to convince a monkey who has been enjoying a banana-diet for his lifetime that oranges in fact, tastes better wtf.

(Photography credit: Link)

So anyway, previously I was using NuTeen's Acnes and Pimples Sleeping Mask for my pimple related problems. Therefore I'm quite interested in what else can the Acnes Sealing Jell do for me. It just so happened that a pimple developed near my nose bridge recently so it's a great time to try it out!

In the first picture my pimple doesn't seems that inflamed as the pimple had only just grew out. I know the picture doesn't shows but the pimple gave me a small bump on my skin which is sooo uncomfortable.

Day 2 morning itself, I looked into the bathroom mirror but the bump was still there. Tried pinching it and all that to pick at the pimple but it's equally stubborn like a mule sitting inside my skin. Ok ok I know I shouldn't be doing it, it could worsen the blemish, leave a scar and all that but I just couldn't help it.

By that afternoon the pimple had turned into a full blown one where I could see the evil pus sniggering at me!! So... I picked at it again and resulted in a super red and an odd tingle of feeling on the pimple wound. On the brighter side of things, at least the annoying bump had went down a little. That's when I remembered that I had the Acnes Sealing Jell so might as well try applying some again.

To my utmost surprise, it was really soothing and the odd tingle of pain stopped completely!! I wasn't expecting that because some pimple creams I tried in the past either gives me a stinging pain especially when I applied them on open wounds, or they just doesn't make a difference. The Sealing Jell left me very impressed.

Applied it again that night and woke up to find that the bump had completely gone away the next day! As of today my pimple is already fully healed.  I can't say whether it has sped up my healing process or not because I don't know the usual amount of time it takes for my pimple to clear up. But having felt the difference the moment I applied it onto my open wound and soothed my pain, I am sold.

The other product that came in the box was the Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash which is said to:

  • Remove excess oil, dirt and impurities
  • Prevents pimples effectively
  • Keeps skin soft and moist with Vitamin C and Vitamin E
  • Deep cleansing by unclogging pores and reduce blemishes

I have previously done a review on the same product here but I going to repeat some parts from my previous review because my views stand! But in addition I will be adding my boyfriend's opinion as part of the review.

Texture and feel: One thing I like about the creamy wash is that it surprisingly foamy. Because I had learnt that pre-mature wrinkles and loss of bounciness in skin are a result of stress caused by cleansing. With foam, it actually helps reduce and cushion the stress while giving you a effective and gentle cleansing experience.

My point of view

The creamy wash has a very good cleansing power, because I could feel that my face is completely stripped of oil.. but leaving my face pretty taut. Although it is meant for daily use, I have a combination mix of oily and dry skin on my face and therefore I only use it once in a while, or on occasions when I come home from a barbecue for example where my face needs a really good wash.

Therefore I would recommend this product to only people who are suffering from oily skin as it might be too strong for people who has dry skin. But do remember to always apply toner and moisturizer after cleansing your face. (For those who suffers from oily skin, do go for a water-based moisturizer!)

Scent wise, the Acnes Creamy Wash has a lemony-citrus scent to it. But personally I fell that it smells quite similar to mama lemon which might be abit strong for my preference. But overall it's a really good wash from time to time.

Boyfriend's point of view
The feedback which boyfriend gave me was pretty short so I'll try to elaborate on his points and state what I observed. So basically, boyfriend has a usual acne break out from time to time. And guys being guys, they hardly ever use any facial products at all.

I've actually passed him several cleansers (and even my own bottle of cleanser!) but somehow he just didn't use them, unless I specifically remind him before he takes his shower. He'll either say that cleansing his face is not a daily routine that he forgot, or it's too much of a trouble, or both.

Then came the other day when he had another bout of breakout so I suggested he could try and use this Acnes Creamy Wash since it is suitable for men too. I was only half-expecting him to use it given his proven track record hahaha. But when I met him today he surprised me when he told me he liked the product! I don't think I can possibly ask him to describe his feeling of using the product so I have to rely on other indicators.

His skin has cleared up pretty much with no new pimples so far except for the old pimples which has healed more or less. Usually each time I see him he'll always have new pimples some where... but not today so I guess the creamy wash is really effective for him in preventing pimples. Besides, his face is also not as oily as before anymore so it's a start!

Scent wise he said he is finding it pretty okay, no complaints from him thus far hahaha.

The Mentholatum Creamy Wash is retailing at $6.90 while the Mentholatum Acnes Sealing Jell mentioned earlier is retailing at $8.90. You could find them at Watsons, Guardian, pharmacies and supermarkets.

Alternatively, you could also 'Like' Acnes (SG) FB page to redeem a 3-step kit sample for yourself to try them out before committing a purchase.

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  2. nice trying. the first two pictures seems
    like skin of your face....
    but the last one looks like skin of your neck or nape

    1. Hello there, a darker contrast on the pictures doesn't necessary points to my neck, as they were all taken on different days. I can't help it if you are being so skeptical though.

  3. hi JustJastin, I read your article and i did buy the cream. I am here in japan and i really search for the product. My face is full of acne and all of them where red and very depressing. Now its my first day of using it. after i wash my face I apply the gel also. I hope i can see best result.

    1. Hi Josephine, thank you for your comment! I hope this product works well for you like it did for me as well. :)

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  5. hi JustJastin, I read your article and i did buy the cream. I am here in japan and i really search for the product. My face is full of acne and all of them where red and very depressing. Now its my first day of using it. after i wash my face I apply the gel also. I hope i can see best result.

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  7. Hi! I read your article and i find it very useful^^ but may i know whether how many times a day we must use and we must use it continuously?

  8. Hiii may i know, for the sealing jell, is it meant to be applied on the whole face or just on pimples?

  9. Hi. After a few hours using the sealing jell, what should i do?
    Should we wash our face after using the jell? And how long should i leave my face with the sealing jell?

  10. hi, i read your article and found it so useful, but may this, i have tried the sealing gel on my face i had pimples and after using it for a week the pimples reddened and my face is itching when i sweat during playing time, please what should i do.

  11. I have a some pimples on my neck.Then it is reduce but pimple marks (black)not this product usage for me?

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