Perseids Meteor

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Been out to catch the Perseids meteor tonight with bf, brother, shiyun and her bf Jason! It was shiyun's first time out to catch some shooting stars but sadly the clouds alone swallowed the skyline.

The last time I did was when my bf and brother I went out to catch the Geminids meteor shower. We went to an open space in woodlands (which scored us quite a few sandflies' bites), upper seletar (and caught some people having a whale of their time in their car) and the back of the old bottle tree park in a secluded corner of sembawang park. The last location was the best place for us we caught so many shooting stars :D

But this time round our luck wasnt as good. We went to the same spot but the clouds refused to barge T___T BUT, one highlight of our day was that we managed to catch a glimpse of Jupiter!! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

We were all glancing about when suddenly bf, brother and I noticed a really bright orange crescent in the sky with a tiny small black dot within it! The first thought that came to my mind was that could it be a passing plane or someone in Malaysia released a huge orange balloon in the air. Turns out it wasn't and it was in fact the planet Jupiter after doing some research!

I have only seen Mars with my eyes and never once had I seen Jupiter! Because the last time I saw Mars it was no more than a small orange dot in the sky right beside the moon.. Given that Jupiter is further away from Earth as compared to Mars, I never thought that I would be able to I see it with our naked eyes. But it happened tonight!! So I guess this night out was worth it overall

I'm still feeling pretty hyped up about it thus that explains why I'm still blogging about Jupiter in the middle of the night wtf. Ok I guess most of my words might not make sense because it's 5..35 in the morning and I'm blogging from my bedzz..

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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