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It's 3.33am in the morning and I'm feeling all so hyped up!

Recently you guys would have noticed the slight changes in my blog's background picture, misalignment of items and all that... finally I've got around to finish them up. Besides, I've also added my Instagram widget so you guys could actually know what I'm up to if this space isn't updated. 

Was thinking how I should re-design my blog banner since my previous blogskin looks kind of messy. I like how the 3 mini thumbnail pictures turned out in the end, and it sort of represent what I want my blog to encompass in the near future. For the past 5-6 years my blog has never took any specific directions and I'll just write what I felt like writing at any point of time. Something like drifting on a boat for a long long while but you just don't know which destination to go. 

It just so happens that boyfriend is thinking of changing our current Samsung ST 550 digital camera to a better one. Hence I was thinking maybe I could start doing hair tutorials since it's something which I have an interest in. Moreover I have quite a few hair tutorial magazines lying around so I could try them out at the same time. Photobucket

Ok enough about my blog already.

One other reason I can't get to sleep tonight is because tomorrow I'll be getting a full length mirror in my room!! In my entire house there isn't a full length mirror and the closest alternative I could get to is the $9.90 RAM Mirror from Ikea - but it only stands at 90cm tall. I have to prop the mirror against the wall while placing it on a socket box to elevate it just so I could view myself from head to toe. Which, is still okay. But when it comes to taking full length pictures it is just so hard! On many occasions I brought the mirror around the house to look for a perfect area to place it but it just ends up on that socket box again.

So I've been searching high and low for a full length mirror but the only place where I could find alternatives are from Ikea's website. But none of them have mirrors in the specific measurements which I had in mind. I wanted something not too slim (so I can still see myself) or maybe something wide - like mirrors you have in gym studios. 

Been discussing it with my mum about the mirror issue but being superstitious about bad feng shui, she took my news like as though I've just told her I'm bringing a baby boar back home from Bishan park as a pet. She also said that no way was I going to replace my current dressing table with a wide mirror because apparently having a dressing table in your room means having wealth. T___T I had that dressing table in my room for the past 8 years so please tell me why am I still worrying about my university fees haih.

Hence a wide mirror is out of the question and that leaves me with the other choice. Wtf I cant believe I just typed 3 whole paragraph explaining on my mirror selection. Ok ok to cut things short, I found someone selling a second hand mirror which was in the exact measurements I had in mind. To top it off the person is staying very near in my neighborhood and the price is very affordable.

Therefore tomorrow noon boyfriend is going to go over with me to view and maybe purchase it on the spot! Photobucket Meanwhile, I'll try to get some sleep. 

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