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Finally 2 of my school papers are over and it's a long weekend (double yay!). Spent the weekend at my friend's 21st birthday chalet and stayed up whole night to play Cluedo and caught a midnight movie. For the past 4 Saturday nights I have been spending time at friends' 21st birthday celebrations as the whole bunch of them have their birthdays in August. Save my pocket please!! BUT IT'S OKAY. Next year will be my turn to turn 21. Photobucket 

And just yesterday, boyfriend went down to Funan IT Mall and bought a Canon 650D DSLR! I'm not saying we bought because he almost paid the entire sum and maybe I've only contributed $100 from the proceeds of our sold Samsung ST 550 camera haha. Oh well I'm really broke and I'm sick of being broke. Point aside, I'm so excited about taking pretty pictures!!

Meanwhile you might have to do with iPhone pictures. They are just so convenient for me to snap and go and apply all the rainbow filters I can find with all the camera apps while on the train to school. There was a point of time where my bff shiyun and I were discussing about wardrobe choices and I realised that I had nothing in.... pink. Or rather I hardly wear pink too. Can you believe?!

So I have been stocking up some peach / pastel clothes so I'll look more like how a girl should dress up haha. Boyfriend told his friend that my favourite color is pink because I've even asked if he has any fishes in pink wtf. (There's no pink fighting fishes in the market ma!) But anyway, no my favourite color isn't pink. I pretty much like every single color in the rainbow with some bias towards mint. Mint clothes are just tough to find. Really hats off to my friend who is able to have an element of mint or turquoise in her outfit everyday.

Here are some of my outfits which I wore, other than really lazy days which I just threw a tee-shirt and shorts on. 

I love the peek sleeves concept!

This pair of denim shorts was from Dorothy Perkins which I was sponsored during one of their road show events. It's the most comfy pair of denim shorts I've owned. It used to be good fit but now having lost some weight it's becoming slightly loose around my thighs!! Photobucket

And what I wore last Saturday to Anne's Polka Dots Birthday chalet! Paired it with a really old but pretty top which I got it from Cotton On and handbag from Bangkok.

I also tried fish tail braid on my hair! It was much easier than I expected but it was my first time trying out in the picture above.. Grasped too much hair each time and thus it turned out like a normal braid. :p

Myself aside, boyfriend and I went out during one of the days for some Teppanyaki at NorthPoint. However this time round the food tasted weird because the staff seemed to have added vinegar into the sauce mix. Noooo vinegar spoils everything. Except steamed buns xiao long bao.


And Elvis. Somehow this is her new favourite sleeping spot - by squeezing behind her little house and the container.

Playing with a loose end of fishing thread that we use to construct a mini swing for her. So glad boyfriend and I found her at Pet Lovers Centre. She has a soft growth on her head which is all hair that makes her looks like Elvis Presley wtf hahaha. It's a birth defect (according to PLC) so they couldn't put her on sale thus we adopted her. What a little cutie.

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