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Hi guys! Thought I'll do a mini update tonight with a collage of pictures from my Instagram. I've always known the existence of Instagram ever since the day it made to the ranking board of Top Apps in appstore but I just didnt get around to liking it. I remembered trying it once but somehow or rather I had it un-installed it from my phone. 

So after a few million years passed by and just when Instagram is starting to get dull for some of you... I'm starting to like it! One main reason would be due to the fact that I just found out I could instantly feed pictures on to my twitter, facebook and even my page here! I'm really not that much of a laggard most of the time. T_T

Anyway! My friend Daryl (who is a friend of boyfriend's) bought this L'occitane Shea Butter lip product for me while he went to the US. Have tried it and so far I'm pretty liking it, very buttery and creamy. But the main point isn't about this product.. the thing is that Daryl actually thought of buying a lip product for me whilst overseas. OK you might be thinking it's no biggie. But... which guy would actually buy something - a beauty product at that - for a friend who is not so close whilst overseas?? 

I can't even imagine my friends... project mates for instance, walking into a store like SaSa or even Watsons to think of buying anything for me. Okay, perhaps my friend got it from a hypermart or happened to pass by a store selling skincare products wtf but we're more of like acquaintances than friends. Photobucket  The most we talk about is polite conversation on school life and me hitching a ride from him after classes to boyfriend's house.

Thus when my boyfriend told me that it was a gift from Daryl I nearly bowled over. Moreover it's a lip product! Which makes me think that he's quite an observant guy that he noticed I have dry lips. But put it in other words, it also means that my lips are that bad that almost everyone knows.

Photobucket le sigh.

But still, many thanks to Daryl!
Coming back to the topic of Instagram.. If you like my pictures or you could follow me on Instagram too!

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