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Photos by KJ

Over the last weekend I had a trip Universal Studios Singapore with a great bunch of friends! It was in lieu of Timothy and CY's birthday celebration and Cara managed to get tickets at a discounted price for all of us. I guess it had been around a year since I was last there. :) We had lots of fun but as time passes the number of people who dared to went up the rides got lesser and lesser.. hahaha. We went there early in the morning and slowed our pace down when it came to noon. As boyfriend and I had been there before we gave some of the shows a skip and went around for some photos!

My outfit for that day was all about basics. No accessories right up to my bare face which had no make up but only sunblock (with my trustworthy Hada Labo UV Moisturizing Milk). To be honest I never thought that I'll love it so much when! Now it's a must-have in my bag when I'm going under the sun because it is equivalent to a sunblock and moisturizer in one. But then again I hadn't have much make up in most of my pictures so I guess I still look the same. God bless.

That morning I was having a big headache wondering what to wear. Knew that I will be perspiring and walking a lot in the sun so my main priority was to dress comfortable. Therefore I decided to go all the way out with no accessories and my Havaianas! Was really glad I wore a yellow top because the color turned out great in the pictures. Well no pictures at the moment on Facebook because we took tonnes of photos but my house's connection has a big trouble keeping up with the speed when it came to uploading (darn it!). Nevertheless, I've picked a few of my favourites here!

My basic top and Havaianas was from Bangkok, shorts from Dorothy Perkins and a backpack from the past. I have no idea when I started having this bag but as far as I remember it has been with me for at least a decade. A decade!! And it still looks brand new with no signs of any wear and tear... yet. Major love and great for days which I want to reduce weight on my shoulders.

I actually like this picture a lot because of the line of sight right from the ground. But I guess the guy at the back took away most of the attention darn it! 

I happened to be blinking my eye when the shutter went off but hey.. I like how the whole feel of the picture turned out! Photobucket

Lovely boyfriend who has been helping me with the pictures!

And a little streak of dance in me. Oh gosh I miss it so much. 

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  1. I really love your style, you are very pretty <3
    Thanks for comment about my sneaker :)