Chiffon on Crochet

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Photographs by Natelie

Last Saturday I spent almost my entire day in town, and it had been long since I last stepped foot onto Orchard Road! The main reason I was there on a Saturday morning was to attend Topshop's Private View Event at Knightsbridge. Was able to invite a guest along so I grabbed Natelie to go along with me since we were out on thursday night for a movie.

If I am not wrong Topshop organizes a private view event twice annually, and this time during the September edition the focus is more on autumn and winter trends. Wore my chiffon zebra prints top from Dorothy Perkins and I thought it would be interesting to go along with another material. That explains the crochet laced shorts from WhiteAlley while keeping the tones neutral. The bag I had was from Bangkok, and it was perfect for the day because it was big enough for me to carry boyfriend's DSLR around! Thank god his DSLR was super light.. (although I did end up with an aching spine after a long day. Am I starting to get old or what??)

Oh and did you noticed the tote bag by the side? It was a gift (along with another scarf) from the Topshop Private View event with the resemblance to a button shirt. How cute is that?!

The event was held early in the morning at 10am and I bumped into polytechnic friend Joyce who also writes a fashion blog at 1blog2lives. You can check out her blog too~ Anyway the event was guested by X-Wen from Fash-Eccentric alongside with TopShop personal shoppers Anny and Melanie.

They spoke about fashion trends and we got to see the exclusive preview of Louise Gray for Topshop during this season. Some of the upcoming trends discussed includes the military look and how you could wear it to give an edgy look or even pair it with embellished tops to tone down the look. But just don't appear in that on a Saturday at WhiteSands LOL.

Among the others spoken were also the burgundy color trends, printed leggings, boots and the return of the punk look. Which means you will be seeing more of studded apparels, crucifixes and such. Have you noticed that most of the new accessories in the market now sports the spiky punk look?? I do! And secretly rejoice in that wtf because I used to go crazy over them 5 years ago. Actually I still do now because they are practically the first thing I notice at the accessories rack hahaha. It's going to get tough exercising some self-control. T_T

Louise Gray Collection

After the event everyone of us was entitled to a 20% store wide discount and I thought that is really nice! Natelie got some accessories while I just browsed. They have some clothes which are really tempting but in the end I didnt purchase any as I've been spending way to much on clothes.

We headed to Scape* Gallery thereafter for a flea jointly held by several blog shops. But still! I gave in to temptation and got myself a maxi dress, peplum top and a mint necklace i've been looking for the longest of time. Damage was only $15 though hahaha. It was such a buy. Will probably be including pictures of them in the next few posts and many thanks to Natelie for helping me out with the pictures!

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