Going checkered

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Pictures by KJ

EMOTIONS. There's so much of them going through my mine as I write this post. It's all a jumble of excitement, of jittery, of happy and of nervous emotions. This is my first shot at trying out outfit photography, taking full length pictures of myself and posing for the camera with someone behind it. As much as I often look confident enough in doing anything (as quoted from my friends), some times what lies behind that facade are just anxiety and self doubts hahaha.

Pictures were taken by boyfriend, and I feel so blessed and happy because he was very supportive of me when I told him I wanted to change the direction of my blog. When asked if he could help me in fashion photography, he agreed and even helped to look out for places that are pictures worthy. I can't ever ask for a better boyfriend!

The first few shots was a little bit awkward but soon after I got into the game it was a whole lot fun. Photobucket  Couldn't wait to show you guys the pictures right after I reached home. But of course, there are also editing to be done so I only uploaded a few onto my blog's facebook page.

Besides, I have also created accounts on sites like Lookbook, Fashiolista and Pinterest recently. Gosh I can't believe I only learnt about them now. I'm really really not that of a laggard most of the time. There are so much outfit inspirations, interesting finds etc etc that I think I could easily spend hours poring over the sites. I am actually surprised. It feels like as though I have just uncovered a whole new world for myself, what I find interest and enjoyment in. It is just... something so big that I don't even know how to put them in words.

Having said that, I might be dropping the beauty section from my blog - funny how I just said it would be one of the directions for my blog a week or two ago. I thought long and hard about it. Although it may be fun and exciting to receive products from time to time.. comparing it with the interest I have in  fashion blogging.. I guess it wasn't that much of an enjoyment for me. So perhaps the next beauty review coming up on my blog would be the last. Photobucket

Anyway, back to my outfit! On thursday I was supposed to be catching a movie with boyfriend, Natelie and Japer in the evening after doing some shopping in town. You guys would know how cold some cinema theatres can be. However I also didn't want to carry a jacket with me while I go shopping so I opted for my checkered long sleeve top. I don't really do checkers, but when I saw the top it was at the back of my mind for a month that I decided to get it in the end.

I appreciate that the material of the checkered top isn't thick at all with the weather we have around here.. but it was good enough to keep me warm when I needed it. The back of the top is fully checkered and I just love the asymmetrical length! Paired it with my black skinny jeans and laced up boots to give my outfit an edgy feel. I like how the shorter length at the front of my top and black all the way from hips down elongates my legs and make me look taller than usual. Photobucket

The backpack which I have in the pictures are at least 10 years old (can you believe?!) so I don't remember where exactly I have gotten them. The accessories as seen were gotten from Forever 21 that same day, but I thought the necklace seemed a bit out of place so I wouldn't place much emphasis on it. 

No I didn't get a dip-dye

Chain ring bracelet is from Forever 21 too.
Hardly seen this anywhere so I snagged up the bracelet when I saw it on the rack. Love it!

And the man who made this happen for me. Surprisingly, boyfriend would also like to venture into photography so I'm really glad that he's liking it when he helps me take these photos. It was nerve wrecking as I upload this set of photographs on my blog and I hope you guys would like it as much as I do.

On a side note, I got myself a pair of tickets to Topshop Private View event this Saturday with Natelie and I'm so excited. Will do my best in taking nice photos and inspirations to bring to all of you!

Meanwhile, like my blog's facebook page if you would like to receive updates from me. You could also follow me via BlogLovin! That widget is really great and I recommend it for all the bloggers and people who would like to follow their favourite blogs out there. Photobucket

| Top - Lovelle Boutique | Skinny Jeans - Bugis Street |
| Chain Bracelet - Forever 21 | Laced Up Boots - Lovelle Boutique |

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