Here comes autumn

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ALTHOUGH we only have summer throughout the year in Singapore, this outfit post screams autumn to me with lots of foliage splendour. I think I might have went a little over the top with the pictures because this entry alone has near to 30 pictures, down the original count of 40 plus! Just the other day I went on a little shopping spree at Bugis where I bought the whole street down. Just kidding! I have a wallet to take care of.

But to be honest I can never get bored of Bugis. The variety of apparels usually changes from time to time and this time round there's just too many things which I've taken a fancy to. Including the top and shades which I'm wearing in this post. Besides, I guess the second wave of floral prints has also hit our shores with all the gorgeous floral shorts and jeggings in all shades and colors. I'm tempted to get it but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to pull it off haha!

Went to East Coast Park on Wednesday so I thought I could wear my new top out! It's cream in color with eiffel towers and light pink floral prints. It's so.... me. Hahaha. Not to mention the material is so comfy and smooth to touch that i could wear it all day and night. Love it!! Matched the prints with a high waisted polka dot pants that I got from Suzhou during a study trip. I guess it would be better to match it with a pair of white shorts but this was the only shorts which I left at boyfriend's house. Sooo.. I left the top untucked (because it's a high waisted shorts) to keep my outfit from looking too busy.

I actually like my new shades very much! It has a lot of the 70's flavor. What do you think??

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  1. Very nice style and looks, you are charming !!!