Laced up boots

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THIS WEEKEND had been a great one because I've spent both nights in Sentosa! Festive hotel in Resorts World Sentosa is way so beautiful. It was my first time having a stay over in a hotel in my very own country. Boyfriend's mum booked 2 rooms in a different hotel in each night and I had so much fun playing just card games, board games and nerve wrecking game of luck that involves eating jelly beans in flavors like rotten egg, mouldy cheese and booger with his family and cousins. No, the eating of jelly beans part weren't that fun at all, but we had a hell of time laughing at everyone's facial expression as they ate one.

That aside, I received my laced up boots over the mail on Wednesday and it's such a beauty that I have to share it here! To be honest I have been looking for a pair of boots to go with my newly bought leggings as I thought that leggings looked weird with slippers / flats / heels because the line of vision just stops midway when it reaches your feet. The other day while boyfriend and I were out shopping for a pair, I saw this gorgeous pair of boots on this girl's feet and it was almost love at first sight. I had my mind set on that pair and wanted no other; which was kind of worrying because I knew I was going to be disappointed. What were the chances of finding the exact same pair?

True enough we didn't manage to find it or anything even close. Decided to try my luck with my blogshop supplier and imagine how excited I was when my supplier has it as a new arrival!

On Friday although I was only meeting boyfriend outside just to head to his house, I had to wear it and hence I paired it with a really basic grey tanktop and polka dotted pants from my past collections on Lovelle Boutique. This is a typical outfit which you'll spot me wearing out because the weather is just so hot and humid. It has to be something cooling enough out in the heat, but also not too constrictive for me if I had to don a jacket over in my school's lecture. I really don't enjoy the feeling of having my short sleeves (or even long sleeves) crumpled up on the shoulders area when I put on a jacket.

Pictures were taken in boyfriend's room because it is just so brightly lit with the sunlight streaming through his windows! I have picked this pair of shorts because the pastel blue just goes so well with grey and brightens my entire outfit which would otherwise only have shades of black. 

This was the very pair of boots that made me fell in love because usually because the suede material immediately gives it a softer look and the laced up portion gave an interesting twist to the otherwise boring boots without looking too over the top.

Besides, it's very comfortable because with the platform the heel height is only about 8cm tall! Not to mention wedges are easy to walk in and somehow they never fails to elongate the look of my legs.

Have a great week everyone!

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