Lactacyd Feminine Wash Review

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Darkened intimate area?

Odor during your time of the month?  
Getting itch or infections from time to time?

If you ever find yourselves in any of the above situation.. it's time you heard of feminine wash and Lactacyd!

The other day I received this gorgeous parcel from Lactacyd and I just love it (and appreciate it very much) when companies take effort into trival things like that. It just goes to show much how attention they put into details. They even gave us a bottle of oatmeal to make a DIY scrub!

Although Lactacyd may be a fairly new brand which you'll see in Watsons or Guardians, Lactacyd is the #1 feminine hygiene wash brand worldwide according to Nicholas Hall's Global OTC Database with strong presence in many markets and 30 years of experience under her belt! How impressive is that?? Lactacyd had only entered the Singapore market 2 months ago with 2 of their new range of feminine wash. But the other day while I was in Watsons, I noticed that the display boxes for Lactacyd was swept clean and empty already.

If you actually take a look and walk through our local pharmacy or departmental stores, you'll actually find that there are many whitening products. Be it one for your face, skin, underarm or even scars. And now there's a whitening product for your intimate area too!

With Singapore's weather and female fashion choices, do you know that darkened bikini area is the result from perspiration and excessive friction from tight clothings?? Well now you do hahaha.

With Lactacyd White Intimate, it is actually the 1st lightening intimate wash in Singapore today that is made with natural ingredients that is made to provide you the effective, natural and safe answer to intimate fairness. And with that comes with boosted confidence.

In a product test conducted on 100 asian women, 90 percent witnessed visible lightening after 12 weeks and a whooping 67 percent withness skin lightening in just 4 weeks! I never thought that there was a way to lighten our bikini area.

In short, it is proven effective. The natural ingredients used such as Algowhite lightens melanin synthesis to reduce darkness, Actipone-B to inhibit the production of melanin, Lactoserum to moisturize and Lactic Acid which acts as a natural, soothing and anti-itching agent.

The other new lactacyd product is this Lactacyd Revitalize who made its Asia debut in Singapore. Unlike its peer, Lactacyd Revitalize is more of a youth reviving feminine wash that contains all the ingredients that women love - Vitamin, Collagen and Trehalose - that is proven effective in firming and moisturizing. You could think more of it as an anti-ageing and firming product for your intimate area.

Although both product offers you different features, the main idea behind Lactacyd products are to help us ladies feel hydrated, refreshed and smell good every day. Especially during the time of the month.

I'm currently using Lactacyd White for only around two weeks or so, thus I believe I might have to use it for a little while more to see if there are any visible differences in skin lightening. It feels pretty much like using any other body wash, lather with water and rinse thoroughly. I like that it doesn't make my skin feels dry nor taut after use and it smells really good! The scent reminds me of flowers.

The product actually arrived quite timely for me and it was a mood booster for me during my time of the month. No odour, just the scent of flowers. Besides it works emotionally on me because it makes me feel really clean now that I have a product that is specifically meant for feminine wash.

I have also tried the Lactacyd Revitalize and it also doesn't leaves my skin feeling taut. But scent wise this is even better! Reminds me of Dove body wash soap. Each time you use you'll only be needing a thumb sized amount so one bottle can go a really long way.


Just like most women out there, I never learnt the importance of feminine hygiene care until that day I got infected with urinary tract infection (aka UTI) which kept on recurring during a period of time and that really woke me up and made me realise good hygiene practices are really important. Not that I was that unhygenic la!!

To help you better relate it.. here's an interesting commercial by Lactacyd which I found named "Protect yourself"

When I was first introduced to feminine wash, I wondered about the differences between a feminine wash and normal body wash. Sort of like feminine wash VS normal body wash. I did some research about it and maybe thought that I could share it here too!

Different soaps have different pH values, just like our bodies with areas different pH zones. A normal body wash's pH level varies between 5.5 to 7 for our skin. But for our genital area they have a more acidic environment with pH ranging from 3.8 to 5. This natural acidic environment actually helps in preventing yeast or other bacteria who thrive in a higher pH environment. So if you tend to wash your genital area with normal body wash of a higher pH value, you could actually risk getting a yeast infection and or even urinal tract infection as a result of it!

Getting urinal tract infection (aka UTI) especially recurring ones was hell of a nightmare for me. There was a period where I was feeling so upset about it as I don't know what the hell was wrong with me. That's when I found that it's not recommended to use normal body wash as pH value tends to be different and it will only promote bacteria growth if your genital area's pH environment changes.

 Why hadn't someone told me that earlier?? It would have saved me lots of torment.

Besides, here's another difference between a feminine wash and a normal body wash:

For me I would think that Lactic Acid is the vital ingredient in feminine wash because it keeps the pH level of your intimate area low while helping good lactobacilli to grow (good bacteria like how you would drink Yakult!)  and maintain our intimate area's natural protective layer. That is why you can find lactic acid in all of Lactacyd's products!

So with me myself speaking from experience... this is why every girl / ladies out there who hasn't has a feminine wash ought to get one to protect yourself against infections!

The easiest way to treat an infection is to stop it. As they always say, prevention is better than cure. So I decided to include some helpful tips for you in keeping your intimate area clean and healthy as sourced from EverydayHealth:

  1. Protect your pH balance
    Avoid using harsh soaps or cleansers on the vulva or inside the vagina, as these also can affect a healthy pH balance. Use on daily basis a pH balanced wash for your genital area. See point 6.
  2. Healthy balanced diet
    You may not realize it, but a balanced, nutritious diet and drinking plenty of fluids are key to vaginal and reproductive health. Cranberry juice and yogurt can potentially help prevent yeast infections and aid in their treatment.
    Personally, cranberries juice really works for me especially when I'm down with UTI!

  3. Choosing your clothing
    Wearing cotton underwear instead of synthetic fabrics and thongs. Certain types of fabrics and styles worn close to the genitals can increase heat and moisture, potentially leading to bacteria overgrowth and infections. Try not to wear tight-fitting clothing, and change out of wet swimsuits and sweaty workout clothes as quickly as possible.

  4. Go with the flow
    Wipe from front to back to avoid bacterial contamination of the vagina and to lower the risk of bladder infection.

  5. Avoiding scented feminine products and toilet paper

  6. See point 1. Use Lactacyd. 

So ladies, always protect yourself! Both Lactacyd's feminine wash "Lactacyd White" and "Lactacyd Revitalize" are very affordable at only $13.90 for the size of the bottle as seen, and they are are available at all leading pharmacies.

[You can click the screenshot to be directed to the FB page, alternatively you could also click here]

On Lactacyd's Facebook page, you could also redeem a free Lactacyd Trial Kit for yourself so you could try out both the products before deciding to a make a purchase! The trial kit could last you for almost a week.

Should you girls / ladies be getting a sample for yourself, I would be grateful if you could include my blog's url "" in the referral box~ 

Hope you have a great time trying out the awesome products and thank you EK Media and Sanofi!

 P.S. While we are on this.. this may probably be the last beauty review I might be doing in a while from now. If you noticed, the first 2 pictures are "print ads" I created for this blog post! Except that I left out the logo and small prints haha. I have always studied marketing and creating print ads for fictional companies in projects (but never had a chance to show them) so I thought it would be interesting if I did one for this post by applying what I usually learn.. What do you think??

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  1. Thanks for de info. Great help

  2. Hi I found this post helpful as I was in a similiar situation as u. Abt UTI u mentioned, what are the symptons and treatment u received or can it go away by itself? Thanks! :)

    1. Hi J! I had to make a trip to the bathroom every 5 minutes and it was just ughhhh. For really bad times I'll go to the GP to get antibiotics, where they also prescribed me Citravescent™ sachets. But since now I can easily notice from the symptoms, I'll get the same Citravescent™ sachets from Guardians / Watsons pharmacies and drink it about 3 times a day. (though anti biotics are really the best way to go. Please do rmb to finish the whole course, it's so important!)

  3. Hi! Do you believe that this Lactacyd can also be used as deodorant (sa armpit)? A professor once lectured about it. Just asking you too if you believe it. :) It's gonna be a good trivia if it's found effective.

  4. Thanks for the post it’s really informative for intimate wash, if women follow your tips then they will definitely avoid vaginal infections.