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Lately it just feels like as though my life is moving at such a fast speed that I'm chasing to catch everything to make sure that they fall in place. Thank god this place helps to keep my thoughts sane as I work through them while I write.

This space of have also been undergoing quite a bit of changes. I have barely changed the skin a month ago and now it's looking totally different again! Except for the little banner on top. Though I do think and feel that it does not really fit well with the whole new look, but it will do for now.

I've also been reading a lot of late, be it books or blogs and I think I'm slowly to have a vision of my own, getting a better feel of what I really want to do with this space. I would really love to venture into fashion blogging. Whenever I chanced upon a fashion blog, it's almost like you could see their style, feel their vibe of dressing. And even a little insight to their personality although you might only have read the first page. It's equivalent to what's going through my mind every single day as I pick out clothes from my wardrobe. 

That is when this particular feeling within me that starts to swell into something more significant. Instead of constantly wishing to be like them.. writing posts with spectacular pictures that carries content, I want to make it happen. But having said that, even though I may have the necessary ingredients all in my mind, I still need to figure out the recipe. How to convey and portray through pictures, how much blend of each element, how to go about doing it. Guess I have to figure myself along the way.

It actually came across my mind whether to create a whole new blog focusing on fashion alone. But I had decided against it because I would like to grow with my readers. Sort of like growing up and discovering things with a childhood friend, something like that. But you get what I mean.

I have made quite a few changes to my blog other than the cosmetic works.

Facebook page for my blog.

I don't know if making this move is equivalent to making myself eat back on my words.

I know how people are into creating pages for themselves recently and calls it a Fan page. Aren't fan pages should be something that your fans created for you? @.@

The other day I was on Facebook and this guy named Seichi (if I remembered correctly) messaged me to "like" his page. And his page name was "I LOVE DJ SEICHI". I don't know him, neither is he a DJ nor do I love him why should I like his page that he called "I love DJ Seichi"?? It just doesn't makes sense. Really.

Ok ask me like your boutique page, blogshop page, a subcriber page for a website or cause I'm alright. But ask me to like your fan page and be one of your fans..... Note, the operating term is fans. Where in the world got people who are such thick skinned one???

But today, I'm going to look like I'm one of them because now I have a page for my blog wtf.

I thought it long and hard before going ahead to make this page.

  •  Unknown friend requests

    When I first created my facebook account I'll just accept whoever that adds me as a friend. This came from the norm in Frienster where I did the same too. But over time I realised that there are so many people whom I don't personally know on my friend list and sometimes it just feels uncomfortable when I'm sharing pictures and personal updates.

    I'm not saying having a wide network on your social account is bad. It is very much to your advantage when you need information or advices from people across the globe. But there is also a personal space which I wish to maintain.

    So lately I haven't been accepting a lot of friend requests and I always feel a twinge of guilt when I see it but yet I can't do anything about it. So I thought that having an alternate page to reach me would be the best alternative without having to shut people out of my life.

  • A proper place for my blog updates

    I feel bad (and a bit unabashed) if I were to constantly paste my own blog link on my Facebook account whenever there is an update. It's like as though I'm trying to excessively promote myself which is not the intention and notion I want to deliver. This is my own opinion because honestly I don't like having to see my feed with multiple posts from the same person promoting the same page over and over again. So like what my lecturer likes to say, what I don't like I wouldn't impose it on others. After all, a Facebook account is a social utility to connect with your friends, not just plain promoting one self!

    Hence I thought that with this page I could have a proper place to keep readers who are interested updated and as an avenue to connect with my readers.

I have included the widget on my sidebar so you could "like" my page! But I stress again, it's not a Fan page. Just a page for my blog and I won't force you to like it wtf. T_T
I have changed the web which I used to display my Instagram feeds! I changed it to Webstagram because when you click on my photos you could instantly comment on them using your Instagram account or even your facebook account!
As for the other add-ons I've added my Youtube link onto the page header and a new page named Fashiolista. As these are relatively new accounts of mine maybe I would only dive down into them when they have more content in time to come.


Sneak for my next update!


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