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Pictures by KJ

Hi everyone! I made some slight (but huge effort required) changes to my blog skin again. Felt that I needed to change the header away as most of the content I write lately has nothing to do with hair and beauty anymore. In replacement I gave my header little scallop trims with the main color in teal/turquoise as you call it. I think it looks a little more cute personable and simplistic. I love simplistic designs a lot, be it on my clothes, in my room (sadly no it's getting much much messier with bags and files strewn all over), or even now on my blog! They say how you dress and what you dress pretty much reflects your personality - I just self-praised myself hahahaha - but I think any simpler I'll be better off as an amoeba. T___T

Anyway, the reason I went through a huge effort for such little changes is because blogger's template designer is screwed up! It automatically changes my chosen template to "dynamic views" template, so in short whatever changes you try to make in the template designer will not be reflected in your blog. Unless you choose your particular template again (which also means you'll lose all your customizations) and re-do everything from ground zero.

Once you close the template designer window that's it. It jumps back to "dynamic views" template again. I only learnt about it after trying to re-code my blog skin for 4 to 5 times. It doesn't even helps if you have back up the html coding or template. Thought of changing to those fanciful blogger templates available on the net but the CSS codes are too hard to me to figure out pfttt.

Ok enough of all these codes and what not. Went on a casual date / lunch with boyfriend the other day at Changi Terminal because I had those Changi Airport lucky draw tickets from my mum a long time ago. Which explains the casual outfit in this post. Had nothing on that day so we also went there for lunch at my favourite Pasta Mania. I like the peas in my pasta but boyfriend doesn't hahahahaha. I just love to throw something green into his plate.

That morning I managed to dug out a black tanktop from my wardrobe that used to be from ThisFashion! I wonder who still remember that brand. Their clothes are very reasonably priced and if you really went through their items in the store there are some really really nice designs. But somehow they still got bankrupt and folded the whole business. Anyway, I decided to go for a monochrome look (except for my shorts) with a touch of gold color on my finger. Got to wear my booties out and I can't stress how comfy they actually are.

And if you actually noticed, I've changed my wallet! Into a sparkly shade of silver that catches and reflects the sunlight so prettily. With a black shoulder bag which resembles much like a shopping bag. It caught my eye while I was browsing online shops but the shipping fees are so expensive. And I just happened to find it at Bugis street again. God I love that place. My owl ring was from Bangkok though. Can't stand the cute sparkly eyes!

I think I'm the only one who could smile so confidently in my braces with a gaping hole in my teeth hahahaha.
This thursday! My dentist is going to shift my teeth out. :)

Other than just pictures of me, here are some pictures from that afternoon. And the peas in my pasta which I mentioned earlier hahaha.

His almost colorless pasta except for the garnish which he threw away. =___=

I don't know, but somehow boyfriend finds me amusing while I browse through items wtf.
And a picture of me with my eyes closed again haha! But I thought this picture turned out nice.. :)

Have I mentioned it's the official last day of class for my semester?
 More time to catch up with friends and my sleep debt so goodnight every one!!

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  1. Amazing post!!
    Would you like to follow each other?! :)


  2. i love your shoes!!!
    and thx for coming to my blog

    hey how about if we follow each others?

    1. Aw thank you dear! I would love to! Have left a comment on your blog! ;)

  3. Following you lovely, please follow back via GFC :)

    Blog: Venoma's fashion diary

  4. Love the look! The cover for your iPhone is so adorable! :)


  5. wow i love this look, you look so awesome + these stuff are so cute <3

    1. Wow your so generous with your compliments thank you a lot dear!! ♥

  6. Love your shoes hun <3


  7. Hey there girl!! Thanks n yeah I know!! Blogspot is giving me sleepless nights :( trying to get it fixed. Can u see if u can view it now? Appreciate it. Abductions I hv to say Ur shoes are cool!!!!!! And all that you do here. ;))

    1. Hey Melissa! You do know how to fix it? Blogger is still the same though, it auto jumps back to "dynamic templates" :\ But nevertheless you're so sweet!! Thank you for the compliment ♥♥