Of white and chiffon

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Pictures by KJ

HAVING STARTED to wear leggings of late, I've been looking about for a sleeveless top that is long enough (but also not too long) to cover down the front. There are actually a lot of such tank tops everywhere, but most of the time what comes along with the added length is also the extra cloth for the width! Which equates to a top that is super baggy in size. If i wore those with my given height I think I'll end up looking even shorter than I already am =____=

So the other day I came across this top which I fell in love with while shopping online. The front features 2 drapes of chiffon pieces that fall into a V shape that I thought would be perfect to match with my leggings. One other huge reason why I like it so much is because it is just so damn hard to find a chiffon top that isn't too sheer! Not to mention one that is white color.

Chiffon clothings has to be one of my favourite choices because just the material alone gives a very light and flowy look. I have sooo many of them at home but I just didn't get around to wearing them because they are too sheer! Besides, layering is almost impossible with the weather in Singapore so I believe they are just collecting dust in the wardrobe.. I've seen so many blogshop models who just wears a black bra beneath a semi translucent top and that just make me want to scream at them. I know fashion is subjective to everyone, but no matter from which angle I look they just don't look nice at all. They don't.

It makes me wonder if they are just flaunting the color of their lingerie, their body, or the top itself. But no because most guys on the streets would be too distracted by what's underneath the top. Might as well just wear a bra out onto the streets!!

Anyway, this chiffon top has an inner lining which I really appreciate. I was worrying about which color to get for myself and whether I should get the darker colored ones. But after getting the white one I think I should get the rest of the colors too because they are just so versatile to match!

I paired it with the turquoise necklace that I had gotten from a stall at Scape and the same ring which you saw in the previous 2 posts again haha! I absolutely dig the turquoise necklace because they are really simple looking with my favorite color! I have a lot of other necklaces but sometimes they are just a little too over the top for days which I just want to dress down.

I realised that I don't have any other accessories or shoes in turquoise so I matched them with my mustard heels for a clash of colors. :D My mum used to tell me not to wear heels while I'm in shorts as it resembles the ladies in our red light district wtf! But then again, it's too good an opportunity to miss because I think I have toned calves to flaunt hahahahaha. Oh my god I can't believe I just said that.

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  1. That outfit is just gorgeous! :) you look fantastic! your style is amazing so girly but stylish I love it
    you have amazing blog - I went through posts :)and this is my favorite look Would you like to follow each other?just let me know :)
    I wait you in my blog!

    1. Hi Rasz, wanted to say a big thank you to you! And all your compliments. It made my day. In a big way :) And sure! I went to your blog and you're so gorgeous. Dropping you a comment in your blog! xx