On the rooftop

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Photographs by KJ

BABYDOLL TOPS was one thing I never really dared to ventured into for my wardrobe choices. I used to think that visually, they always emphasised my already wide my hips area and steered clear of them. Until lately I have lost some weight and I thought hey maybe I could try it out!

On a side note, I hadn't been losing a lot of weight or starving myself. I just made some changes to my diet. I don't have a target weight in mind, but I always felt that my lower body looked kinda out of proportion due to my dance background. So my goal was to slim down my lower body a little. To my surprise, I've really lost some weight off my butt and thighs (but not calves but good enough for me)!

So anyway back to my outfit, I absolutely got it for a steal from a blogshop's flea at Scape and had gotten an exact same piece for my girlfriend. The uneven stripes reminded me of aztech prints which is different as compared to the normal striped patterns. I need more of such tops that i could just throw it on for school in the morning. On some days I just dislike waking up in the morning, stare into the wardrobe, wonder what to wear and get myself late in the end.. T___T

That aside, if you noticed I'm weearing a similar ring in my recent posts! I don't know what these rings are called, but I thought it's very interesting because it doesn't goes completely around your finger. I like to go for the simple and minimalistic look and these are just purrfect. Just in case you're wondering I got them from a shop in the basement floor of Serangoon Nexmall..

I actually got these pictures taken at the rooftop just outside boyfriend's room. It never came across my mind to have pictures taken on a rooftop because most of the time I'll cringe at the thought of having to climb out of the window. Hur hur. What if i stepped on a loose tile and flew off the rooftop?? #winning. But the other day we came across a really pretty picture on lookbook that was taken on a rooftop and I told him that I wanted to try it out too hahah.  

For disclaimer purposes.. I checked that there was no slippery surfaces and I had complete balance. Boyfriend also stayed on a flat surface to help me with the pictures. But nevertheless, kids please don't try this at home! Okay I hope boyfriend's mum wouldn't come screaming at me. xx. We took caution!

That evening, we went to a nearby industrial park as we were waiting to fetch my mum from her interview. No fanciful shoes for the day but only havaianas from Bangkok as I had classes in the morning. Photobucket 

The skies in the background is just so amazing and breathtaking Photobucket

P.S. Have changed the type of top to babydoll tops! Thank you to the not so kind and hostile anonymous reader on my formspring for informing.

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