Singapore back in 1968

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OVER THE WEEKENDS I attended an event for a newly launched app by MICA called "The Day It Rained On Our Parade" at Pico Centre. It is actually an office building but it has this gorgeous piano right in front of the lobby that we just had to take some pictures with at the end of the event!

I wore a simple black skater dress with my stuctured wings necklace and mustard heels. There wasn't any dress code and the event was actually held in was an office building. Not sure if there would still be office staffs in the building so I thought this would be a good enough coordinate that would not draw too much unnecessary attention. I know having the pictures in black and white defeats the purpose but oh well.

I think the best part of attending events has to be meeting new people. Met Zirui (left) and Valerie (right) during the event and we chatted pretty much about our own blogs, what do we usually write and such. We even went to Wendy's at Lavender to continue our session before we parted ways haha. Pictures above were taken with the help of Zirui.

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If you have been watching Mediacorp's television or following Facebook page I think you would have came across the recent campaign that shouts "The Day It Rained on our Parade". 

Although this is something different as compared to what I usually write, but as a Singaporean I thought that I also ought to share the story of Singapore's history defining moment! The campaign actually aims to relate the time when Singaporeans stood together and braved the heavy downpour back in the 1968 National Day Parade. 

Although I never had a chance to be there at the parade on that day, artists at Imaginary Friends (the same people who brought you illustrations of Streetfighter, Powerpuff girls, DOTA, World of warcrafts) have helped to create an illustration of the actual day on the iconic 1968 National Day Parade. 

And that's how the App "The Day It Rained On Our Parade" on Facebook page came about. Here's what you will see when you click on the App link.

This app is flash enabled, so you might want to view it on your desktop. You could see and rain pelting down, and it features a scrollable panorama of The Padang where you could pretty much view the full parade.

At the App, you would also notice that the black ribbon of pictures scrolls together simultaneously. Those are the actual day pictures of the exact view that brings to life the actual day experience where people marched in the rain, danced in the mud and cheered against the odds. There are even pictures of calisthenics performers in push-up positions in the waterlogged field T_T 

I actually like viewing them because I get to see how Singapore was like in the past - something which is really hard to visualise with all the skyscrapers we have now.

There are 7 different character illustrations for you to click and read their individual perspectives of the event. Be if you're the performer, the audience, or even the staff sergeant escorting our President. It is a surprisingly interesting read because I have never felt such strong emotions before even though I was once a performer on the Marina Bay floating platform. T_T

I was quite surprised because there is even a HDB float that looks accurately similar to our present day HDB flats! It just goes to show how much Singapore have grown under our Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew's vision.

In conjuction MediaCorp had also aired a 4-part drama series for this campaign on Channel 8, CNA, Vasantham and Suria. Have you caught it? I briefly remembered my mum watching this on the television. However the documentary is not on air anymore but you could catch it up on Xinmsn! If you are interested you could also click on the picture to be directed to Episode 1. Photobucket

Personally I think it's quite touching to read about the spirit that Singaporeans displayed during the 1968 parade. It was as though you could feel the emotions in the air, the pride of the people with the hope for a better Singapore in time to come.

The only time I went as a spectator to our NDP parade was the time in Primary 5 when schools organised a trip. It was only about 4 years later that I attended the next NDP parade as a participant! I joined my laoshi's (secondary dance instructor) dance group in People's Association and got involved in pyrotechnics display performance. Going for the practice every Saturday morning requires some commitment but we had a hell of a time with rehearsals. =D

To be honest, I hadn't thought so much it but I just felt really happy because throughout my early years, I watched NDP through the television and always wondered how it would be like to be among one of the performers. But thinking back on it, I was proud to have played a part in the parade.

In present day, we are doing much much better as compared to the past in terms of economy progress. We have evolved into a multi national country where we get to brush shoulders with people from other parts of the world and enjoy all the worldly cuisines right just in Singapore. Photobucket

But I think as Singaporeans we could do even better in the future by uniting as one, have an open mindset and embrace our country during bad times (and good times as well). In my opinion, this campaign is a good one (and a good time) for all of us to reflect upon ourselves.

Because to me, Singapore went through a lot to be where we are today, and I'm proud to be a true blue Singaporean.


Like "mySingapore.Sg" Facebook page and check out the app "The Day It Rained On Our Parade" here to see more of the actual day photos back then in 1968!

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