Tassels Ear Cuff & a worn earring

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THE OTHER DAY I bought some ear accessories from a local blogshop "Loveien19" and I was both pleased and dismayed to received my products. They have got some fantastic ASOS inspired accessories but I doubt I would be their returning customer. Firstly, they "lost" my package and apparently they had mailed my items to another customer instead. Took quite a long time to return my email and I only got to hear from them after I left a complaint on their Facebook Page. Not exactly the best customer service, but they make it up by including a complementary ear accessory in the second package sent.

Some time last week, just when I was about to wear one of the ear cuff.. guess what I noticed! Discoloring of the ear stick!! Needless to say, this ear cuff have been worn well and long by a previous owner for the gold plated color to fade this much (and at the exact location where it's worn in the earn). I feel so utterly grossed out.

I wonder if I should be mad with the blog shop owner or her supplier but I thought that this is so unhygienic and unethical. Sharing earrings with unknown people is pretty much equivalent to sharing a needle with anyone out there. What if that person suffers from a blood born pathogen like HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis, Malaria, Brucellosis, or Leptospirosis to name a few? What risks have they exposed me - or even to the other people whom they have sold earrings - to if I just wore it without noticing??

At least with the discoloring I could notice that it has been worn before.. what about the others that has yet to fade?? Selling second items are unethical enough... but also exposing customers to risks of contracting a blood born pathogen virus is over the top.

There isn't much I could do. Broke off the ear stick part and maybe some day when inspiration strikes me I could get creative with it.

On a brighter note I was happy when I saw my Neon & Silver Knot Tassels Ear Cuff! It is such an interesting twist to our usual earrings so I wouldn't exactly call it an earring, but more of an ear accessory. Really loved how it looked and there's no need for any piercings to wear it!

Although I did mention the blogshop's name in my post, I'm not really encouraging you to purchase from them because I'm pretty grossed out by the fact that they could sell out second hand and worn accessories. It's not just any necklace or bracelet which you could share it with anyone, but a personal earring. If you do, please always remember to disinfect / sanitise them before wearing!

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  1. You look gorgeous & the Jewelry is fabulous!

    1. Thank you tassel charms! I've seen your website too! You have some gorgeous earrings :)