Chic in the Cold

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Credit: Lindsey Lugrin

OUT IN THE COLD. Been a little caught up lately, but guess what?? I'm going to Genting highlands Malaysia next month! You know.. I did mention before that my mum is pretty uptight and strict with me in the past with curfews at 10pm and all even when I'm already hitting 18. All travel plans with friends, relatives, or boyfriend's family are flatly rejected - fml thank you very much - but as I'm hitting 21 next year... I feel that my mum is slowly easing back on all these. Throughout the years as I grow up, I see my friends zipping out of the country every now and then with each other and I grew up wondering when will it be my turn

And recently my mum has already consented to my Bintan Trip and an upcoming Genting trip with boyfriend and his relatives!! I wasn't expecting my mum to give a nod so easily. After all, my elder brother who is 5 years older than my age wasn't allowed to travel with his friends/girlfriend until he was 23 or so. Nevertheless, I'm feeling very hyped up and excited about it even though it's just a short getaway in Malaysia.

With all the hype about the upcoming road trip I started looking for some inspirations on cold wear. As you would know the weather in genting highlands is kind of unpredictable. Some times it's cool, but some times it's just down right chilly. I have always liked the idea of leggings with boots since the beginning of time but I never really adventured into it because 1) I don't have stick thin legs and 2) nobody really wears boots given the weather in Singapore.

Some of my readers told me that it's so nice to be able to wear shorts without worrying about the cold. I also think so... but it is just quite boring to not be able to experience the four seasons. It's sun sun sun and more sun throughout 365 days. =____= I'm pretty envious of others who get to change their wardrobe look every 3 months and do all the layering when the weather gets cold. Therefore my next best comfort location to experiencing a cold weather has to be Gentings wtf. Hahahah.  

Anyway, the reason why this chunk of verbal vomit is because I've just placed an order for a pair of boots online!! Not those high heeled or wedged ones but one which looks hopefully good and comfy for walking. And with all the cold season and fall fashion I found lots of gorgeous inspirations that might inspire you to dress up a bit too.. for the expected rainy (and hopefully cool) days ahead.

Most of the pictures are from Lookbook and some from my favourite bloggers. Hope you girls like them!

Credit: Anouska Proetta Brandon

Credit: Luna

Credit: Frida Johnson

Credit: Anouska Proetta Brandon

Credit: Annemiek

Credit: Sietske

Credit: Petra Karlsson

Credit: Ariadna

Credit: Pax

Credit: Suvi K

Middle one please hahaha. Not the one on the left or right because the outfit just doesn't looks chicccc.

Love the design that covers all the way to her hands~

Credit: In3gue

And this is the pair of boots which I've just bought. 
Hopefully it will arrive in my hands within a week or two. Can't wait!

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  1. Great collection of pics! I'm your newest follower!


    1. Just went to your blog and I love the parka on you! I can't seem to find the usual "comments" sections for your blog though.. is it a must to create a google+ account to do so? Let me know! xx

  2. Ah I like seeing these styles! I love Anouska's blog also :)

    another day to wander

    1. Thanks dear~ I agree with you! Her styles are fabulous and chic!

  3. I know what you mean when you say you wish to experience all the seasons.. here in Brazil it's way to warm, and the cold days are not that cold... so theres no point in getting those huge and cute coats, you know? lol
    Oh! And dont forget to show the boots!! ;)

    my face is the 4th, left to right, on the first line of the gfc ;)

    Liz <3
    The Red Lil' Shoes Blog

    1. Haha sounds pretty much like what I have here! Can only get to wear them if I'm going on a holiday to colder countries hahah. And for the boots.. I will I will! And I spotted you in GFC~ Thank you dear! xx

  4. I, on the other hand would want more sun, but in the summer though.. Cause the summer we have, can't be called summer. Really love the outfits in the posts! I love Anouska's style!

    xx TraN

    1. It must always be cold over in Norway! Always see you in your pictures with shawls or leggings ^^ And yes she has an amazing style!

  5. Great post dear, I love these outfits!


  6. me encanta este post! es genial!


    1. Hello dear.. sorry I don't really get the language but.. thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment!! ♥

  7. I like this post so much: these pictures are wonderful!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???
    Last day to win an N&K Designs arm party worth $200!!

    1. Thank you fabrizia! Of course I'd love to, have left a comment on your blog!