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TAKE FLIGHT. It's 6.19am as I write this now and I have so so so many things in my head that I just want to blog and pen my them down before they fly out of my mind again. The reason why I mentioned the time in this post is because my body clock is officially - does a cross at my neck - screwed. As though someone took me by the legs like a doll and yank me upright upside down. T_T I just spent the whole night studying and I'm still wide awake now, albeit less focused that's why I'm sitting right here penning down my thoughts. 

Okay I just want to digress a bit from the content because I have the urging need to tell all my readers out there that I love all of you and I want to give each and everyone of you an enveloping hug for dropping by. But on a second thought, I don't think the latter part is feasible because that would involves me and my arms fitting through my computer screen to reach your computer screen to deliver a hug. Just like Lord of the Rings WTF. And neither do I think monitor screens are so technically advanced that it's now 4D instead of 3D. But you get the gist. 

The thing is, I want to talk about my blog.

You know.. I started my blog 5 years ago to pen down my daily nonsensical events that have seen me through ups and downs. 3 years ago I even wrote about my love for blogging. (Post here) I doubt any of my readers would remember things about me that were so far back in the past, but I also did wrote about my new year resolutions in 2009. (Post here) Of which, the last point in the list of resolutions that was made unknown...... had got to do with this space. I had secretly set a target to double up and improve my readership... but I dared not say it out loud right here just in case I failed at it miserably wtf. At that point of time I don't really blog regularly so sometimes the figures goes into a slump, back and forth back and forth so I believe I never really accomplished that resolution for that year. Or even the next wtf. (Can only blame myself HAHAHA)

So just a moment ago when I went to take a look at my blog's readership stats... I found out that the numbers have already quadrupled or even quintupled!! For a moment I was quite overwhelmed and it took quite a while before the whole thing really sinks in. T____T It's like a mixture of feeling touched, happy and a sense of accomplishment.

Therefore, the whole gist of this is that thank you each and every one of you who is reading this right now and especially those who have been through with me, seeing me grow up for the past 5 years at this space. Aiya I'm not very good with words but...    YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

Okay. Let's get on with my original content. I'm all decked out in pink today!! There was a point of time where I vaguely remember myself relating to my bff shiyun in a very shockingly manner that I my wardrobe had almost nothing in pink wtf. Usually we would ask each other what to wear when we're heading out and when I discovered about my wardrobe's lack in pink, I almost didn't feel like a girl. T_T Okay I know you don't need the color pink to be a girl but still..!

So anyway I was in a rush to dress up and I'm glad the look came out pretty okay! I got the cropped top from Bangkok matched it with a polka dotted high waist shorts to show a little skin around the waist. Balanced the look from looking too skinny by wearing a pink chiffon button top as an outerwear and matching pink wedges to go along with it! The pink chiffon top was an accidental find at Bugis street because I found it from a "sale" rack at one of the shops for only $10! The white straps that runs down along the front was what caught my eye. And today I'm wore a rose earring instead of the usual diamond earring studs. I think this has to be my sweetest looking outfit so far haha!

Outfit of the Day

Wings Necklace: Bangkok
White Cropped Top: Bangkok
Pink Outerwear: Bugis Street
Polka Dots Shorts: Shanghai China
Dusty Pink Wedges: Bugis Street
Earrings: Bugis Street

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  1. You are so pretty girl. Love the polka shorts and how you wore pink and white!
    Nice blog.


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks nuerr ♡♡♡ I can't find a place to leave comments on your blog :\

  3. Replies
    1. Haha thanks Jessica! - For the compliment and always dropping by. :P You're gorgeous yourself!! ^~^

  4. You are sooo pretty! I love the shorts <3

    Btw, i followed you


    1. Thanks Michelle! Haha oops didn't notice you've followed me. Have done the same! xx

  5. super cute!!!!!!

    1. Haha thank you elisa!!!!! You have so much exclamation marks!!! :P

  6. lovely look, Love your shoes!....Thanks for a nice comment on my blog. Followin' ya now, hope you follow back.

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  7. Hi. Looking for hair model who is willing to cut their hair into a bob. Are you interested?

    1. Hello there, thanks for the offer! But no thanks too because I don't think I can bear to cut away those tresses yet haha~ However I'm looking for perming services so if you have any contacts that are looking to sponsor a blogger I'll be happy to know! (And thanks for dropping by!)

  8. Omg, I love this outfit! The color theme is so adorable! Love it!

    xx TraN

    1. Haha I feel so sweet and girly looking at it! Thank you tran!!

  9. So Cute!


  10. congrats on your achievement and hope you achieve more in the near future =)

    1. Thank you Harija and the well wishes! That's very nice of you! :)