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Pictures by KJ

IT'S BEEN A WHILE since I last did my outfit posts. Been out over the weekends with boyfriend and his cousins to chill out and all which makes me love weekends so much! With so much time on hand I'm also slowly becoming the gamer which I used to be in the past.. But to be honest I don't have that much time as my semester exams are just 2 weeks away! I don't know if study breaks are a good thing or not, because it's just so easily to lose self discipline and get hooked up onto other activities just right before examinations. #facepalm.

Just yesterday boyfriend and I went around my neighborhood to take some photos. I was wearing a white top which was a gift from boyfriend's sister-in-law Angela. It has little gold studs along the hem of the rounded collar and cut out details on both the sleeves and the back of the top. So cute!! Wore it with my khaki shorts, dust pink wedges and a nude clutch for the day.

We actually took photos at two different places but I felt that they were too distinct looking from each other to fit into one post. Therefore I'm splitting them into two different blog posts! Here's the first set which I took outdoors during evening. Some of the pictures are a bit grainy - which I'm still figuring out how to better improve on - but nevertheless I still hope you'll like them.

I don't have many wedges at home, perhaps just a couple or two lying around in the shoe cabinet. Been shopping around for wedges lately but there isn't any wedges which I've managed to lay my eyes upon. This dusty pink pair was one which I bought for chinese new year earlier this year and it was almost love at first. I had wanted to go for the similar pair in nude color but it was sold out in my size. 

Don't you just hate it when you managed to finally find something you like so much only to find that it's sold out?? 

So at the end of the day I had to settle for dust pink. Gorgeous it may be but sometimes it is quite hard to match with my color coordinates for the day. But I'm not complaining! I like it for a lot of reasons, such as the studded details along the side, the shoelace concept at the heel, and the best part is the additional flap right at the end! I can walk in them the whole day and be so sure that I will never end up with any blisters at the back of my heel. The next greatest invention in shoes. Comfort level at it's best! 

White Top: Gift from friend
Khaki Shorts: MGL pants from Bugis Street
Nude Clutch: Shanghai
Dust Pink Wedges: Bugis Street

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