Rustic has it

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Hi lovelies! As mentioned in my post yesterday these are the second set of pictures which I took for the same set of outfit. It was taken at a corner of a block which I thought the color and lightings pretty much suited the colors on me. Plus, it gave a little touch of a rustic feeling of all our typical HDB blocks so why not! Somehow the pictures turned out really nice and I like them a lot. The vibe from these pictures just don't fit with the ones which I blogged earlier on in my previous post, so that explains why I did them seperately. 

The following picture has to be my favourite one among all of them because the angle makes me look so tall! Sniggers at myself wtf. My hair was still in a half wet-half dry status from a shower prior to that so that explains how messy it looked after catching the reflection from the lights. But hair aside, it kind of dawned on me that the place where you choose to take photos at is very important. Just the surroundings and all is able to give the look a whole different feel. I think I liked these pictures better ^~^

Hope you girls will like them too!

White Top: Gift from friend
Khaki Shorts: MGL pants from Bugis Street
Nude Clutch: Shanghai

Dust Pink Wedges: Bugis Street

Accessories: Bugis Street

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  1. Cute look! Loving your top and clutch!


  2. Great look!!! love the top and the pictures are awesome:)

  3. LOve your outfit!!!! And thanks for visiting me! I cat see you in my list! SO could you please try to follow each other so I can follow you right back?

    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  4. Nice look :) love the slouchy tee and those cute nude wedges!

  5. i really love your look! Such cute shoes!!!!

    following you via GFC ;)

    Liz <3
    The Red Lil' Shoes Blog

  6. hi my dear , thank you for lovely comment on my blog
    I will be happy if you wanna follow each other?:) let me to know :)

    Marina ,

  7. You look very beauitful, my dear!



  8. Hi everyone! You girls are so wonderful! And I really appreciate all your lovely comments. Have replied them via your blog links!! xx