Sunshine through the rain

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PASTEL YELLOW. One of my outfits which I wore out yesterday. Haven't been to anywhere else lately, just shuffling between boyfriend's house and mine. Having my semester examinations next Tuesday onwards and therefore I'm literary burning the midnight oil every single night! Needless to say my complexion has also went down the drain haha. It's not that I'm cramming all my studies into one week's effort that I have to spill my study time into the night... but rather I can't sit down to focus and study in the day argh. It's okay just one more year I'll be able to break free of my bad studying habits!

Thought of taking my own pictures as boyfriend has been very busy with work but you know... having the will and determination is not enough because the tripod stand seems to be missing despite the numerous search attempts. T_T So what you see in this post is just my apparels without.... me. Hahahah.

Went out really early in the morning yesterday. Like catching-the-first-bus kind of early because I studied all the way until it was almost 6 am in the morning. Decided to just ditch my studies and head over to boyfriend's house to give him a surprise,.. or so I hope. Because I woke him up really early - or rather too early - for his work lol! But hey it's always nice to wake up to a lovely girlfriend who brought you breakfast right?

I actually paired my outfit with a pair of color block grey leggings that morning which I've been meaning to show you for a while. But just as I changed out of it into more comfy tee shirts and shorts to grab a lunch it was promptly being washed in the washing machine hahaha. Oh well.. maybe another time! Luckily I brought along an extra pair of khaki shorts just in case the weather gets too hot - and it's what you see in this post!

Pastel shades - especially shades in yellow - on my outfits are my all time favourite colors. They just have the effect of putting me into a good mood instantly. Just like how rainbows does it wtf. Had my white chiffon cardigan along with me which is one that is very pretty! But the pictures just doesn't do a fraction of justice to it. T_T This time round I left out necklaces but accessorised them with a simple gold bangle and silver ring. Loving how they brought the classic feel out of the coordinate!

Have a happy long weekend everyone!

Yellow Top: Bugis Street
Khaki Shorts: MGL pants from Bugis Street
White Cardigan: The Design Closet
Nude heels: Giovanna

Gold Bangle: Aries
Silver Ring: Nex Mall
Round shades: Bugis Street

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  1. i really love those shorts and the glasses!!! <3

    The Red Lil' Shoes Blog

  2. love the sunnies!

    X Jenny

  3. Love your shades! How much are they? :)

    1. Thanks Cai Ling! I bought them at a little corner in Bugis Street for about $6!

    2. wow thats damn cheap may i know where exactly is the shop? i saw something like this at haji lane before but its around $15! haha thanks!

      ps i changed my blog url to cause i think my previous one is too cliche

    3. Yes bugis street's things all very cheap haha! Erm you know where the big ceiling fan is in the center of bugis street? There's either the main part of bugis street and the newly extented part (where all the 3 for $10 wallets' area are).

      Just walk all the way in and the shop (quite mini sized)is at the end next to a shop that sells belts accessories mini bags etc etc. But you should be able to spot them cause that area just sells all the kinds of different sunnies together. If I'm not wrong I think it's $7 for one sunnies and $12 for a pair!

      And I think both blog urls are great! ;)

  4. This looks like a great outfit, I really like the sunglasses! xx