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OUT ON A WHIM LAST NIGHT. But before I go on about that, just let me quickly digress and talk about my short road trip! For those who might know I just returned from my Genting trip over the weekends, and it has been a chilly road trip up north to Malaysia with just boyfriend and his relatives. Surprisingly, we didn't went for the rides in the clouds, neither did boyfriend went to the casinos. We just spent most of the time eating, catching movies and played some bowling under neon lights. 

As most of us - including myself - were under-aged to gain entry to the casinos, most of them were pretty hyped up about sneaking in. All such sneaky teenagers!! But to be serious, we had such a fit laughing over how the guys back combed their hair and their drawn on on fake moustache LOL. I think I was probably the only "spoilsport" because I didn't joined in, and loving boyfriend respected my decision and accompany me throughout the trip. 

On a second note, even if I wanted, I think I'll probably be glancing back and forth from the security guards so much and so nervously, and given my baby face, I don't think I can possibly make it to the entrance. So might as well don't put myself through so much mental torture lolol. But when the others were trying to sneak in I still felt so anxious for them! Verdict of the day was that the guys made it through but not the girls.

Ok enough of the digress.

Last night boyfriend and I decided to just go out on a movie night at Northpoint's Golden Village cinema. The thing about neighborhood cinemas is that everyone is dressed down in slacks, fbt shorts and slippers lol. Photobucket  As it was a quick night out, I went out sans make up, with a black top tucked into my pink polka dotted shorts, matched with a slipper that I found at the bottom of my shoe cabinet! I bought them a long long time ago but some how or rather I just never got around to wearing them. They have these little fluffy pink flaps at the front with silver balls sewn onto them. So girly and cute hahaha.

After the movie boyfriend and I went to a newly constructed office building just blocks away from where I stayed. We chanced upon this when we were looking for a dark spot to catch the Leonids meteor shower earlier on in the month - at their rooftop! So anyway the whole building is still deserted in the mean time and we took this opportunity to snap some pictures. After all, it's not an every day affair that you get to have a whole building to yourself, right?

I look like I have legs that goes on for miles hahahaha. *sniggers at self again.
Proportion of body length to legs - 50:50. 

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  1. You look so cute! great polka shorts!!!
    Following you on GFC!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

    1. Thanks for the compliment and for following my blog dear! ♡

  2. you are so cute!!!:)))

    ps. thank you for your lovely comment and for the follow and of course we would love to follow you back. we just added you!
    see you again soon!!!;)))


  3. You are truly gorgeous, my dear! I love this little outfit and hope you enjoyed your roadtrip! x

    Love from Canada,

    1. Thank you and yes I did! You girls are too nice!

  4. sounds like you had a great time!


  5. This look is awesome.

    Love the styling! Everythig is so great!

    Many kisses, my dear <3


  6. definitely the best time and place for some photo taking. Nice!

  7. Realy great photos - I lobe the location!

    Would be lovely if you visit me too,

    1. Thanks Alex! That's my favourite spot to hang out now for the moment hahaha