Attending my brother's ROM

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REGISTRY OF MARRIAGE CEREMONY. Wow this is a huge post where I didn't quite know where to start off from. But I guess a congratulatory message is a must, so congraulations to my brother and his long term girlfriend, Joanne, of 6 years on being Mrs and Mrs Tan!

Their ROM ceremony was a pretty rushed one, because they had to submit their ROM certificate to HDB when they are collecting their BTO houses in the third quarter next year. And with the superstitious adults going by the Chinese Calender, most fortune tellers and all says it's best to avoid marrying in the year of Snake and what not. Therefore both of them decided to have it on 18th November! I think they barely had a full month to prepare all the necessary details, like booking of venue and all.

Their ROM was held at Grand Mercure Hotel at Roxy Square. I heard from my sister in law that they had this outdoor setting / venue which was absolutely gorgeous - but all things good wait for no man. It was fully booked till the end of year or so, therefore they settled for a function room venue instead.

I think the hotel coordinator was pretty nice, they accommodated to most of my brother's requests, like how to set up the area, what types of tables - round seated ones or standing coffee tables - for the buffet set up, the type of lightings and colors of table cloth / chairs so on and so forth.

Just so you know, my brother and Joanne are only holding a ROM ceremony. I think their actual traditional wedding dinner will be put off to a much later date, as they are planning on saving up for their new flat soon. The last I discussed with them, they were planning for 2015. That's such a huge gap of time. But anyway, it's still the couple's decision.

There were a huge amount and multiple albums of photos for the ceremony so I try to pick a few out for my post. I think it still totalled to about 50-ish sooo, happy scrolling. I'll try to relate the day's event as I go on!

Their ceremony was set at 12-ish, so the guests were invited to come at around 11.30am to mingle about. But the day started much earlier for us. We got out of the house around 8am to fetch a couple of their close friends, before heading down to the hotel to check in and have breakfast before all the hectic rush of rehearsal and preparation time sets in.

Photos before we had our hair done!

Oh my god I don't know why my face turns out so puffy hahaha!  And just so you were wondering, I was seated facing the window panes because the room was packed with people and there weren't enough mirrors. T_T  Therefore I got myself a cheat mirror from the floor length windows because I managed to see a bit of reflections from it. I was doing up my curls with a mini straightener too.

I think mini straighteners are much better to create curls, as compared to larger straighteners with a wider plate. They are fairly easy to work with and the size of the curls I get are just to my liking.

And this was when the make up artist started to work his magic on Joanne. Didn't get to see the final look until she walked on the red carpet with her Dad during the ceremony though. We were the groom's family so we had to go down earlier to mingle with the guests as they arrive.

Photos of us just before we headed down to the venue. Look at my curls! But yeah I didn't have any hair spray with me, so you could gauge when the photo was taken by judging the curls.....

Like this.

It was taken when we were about to leave the place. So it's just wavy hair. My brother's ROM venue was taken in function rooms Katong and Siglap - and that happens to be where boyfriend stays at.

Outfit of the day

Cousins..... and a self timed shot of both boyfriend and myself. 

My mum and I. We went to take photos around the solomization table. Do we look alike? 

And by the ways, the photos have different hues of colors because the photos in this post were combined from 3 different sources. The lightings around the room was in a tone of pinkish purple and therefore these photos turned out in a similar shade of color. 

Boyfriend. ♡

The best part!!! I think we made them kiss twice for the occassion. *smug.

And boyfriend's forever posing these kind of photos

Like this! When my mum saw the photos she couldn't stop laughing at bf wtf. 

See he did it again!! It's like being photobombed lol.

A picture of all the relatives from our side who managed to make it that day. 

And boyfriend proposed to me..... not.

Lastly, ending this post with a picture of the new groom and bride! And my new sister in law. Was hoping she could help me with the housework........ but she's still staying over at her house until the traditional marriage is held. Damn. T__T

So anyway, I think the couple invited around 50 to 70 guests and the wedding venue + food cost near to 4-ish. I'm not the couple so I don't feel good divulging too much information lah. But just a rough gauge for those who are planning for their ROM!

Happy Marriage and Congratulations to the new wedded couple again!! 

Outfit of the Day
Dress: Bugis Street
Clutch: Bugis Street
Necklace: Forever 21
Ring: Serangoon Nex Mall
Shoes: Giovanna

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  1. Great photos! That must had been a great time! :)
    I love your blog honey! I'm following you, would be really happy if you did the same

  2. Everyone looks amazing & congratulations to your brother!!

  3. Congratulations to them!! :D That must have been amazing! :D
    Also, love what you're wearing! Very pretty.


  4. You look stunning! Congratulations to your brother. Thanks for sharing such a special day!


  5. Congrats your brother and wish the couple all the best!
    Also, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful moment with all your readers!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  6. Aw thank you all of you for the well wishes! Will definitely pass them along and also for all your sweet compliments!! Have replied them via your blog~ xx

  7. Jaslin, You look so pretty in the dress! :)