Bugis Shopping Haul

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SHOPPING AT BUGIS. So I actually went on a shopping trip to find a dress for my brother's upcoming ROM happening this Sunday. Tried finding at Orchard and all but couldn't find any that caught my eye, so I ended up at Bugis again. This time round, I have to say that the new wave of apparels was pretty refreshing. Lots of candy colors and you can even find the current trend of army camo look and all there now.

I came back with lots of shopping bags that I had to get boyfriend to save me and pick me up. Bought tank tops, shorts, dresses, bags, iPhone cases and all. I think they were really pretty especially my new shorts in pastel colors.

Thought of doing a video to share about my shopping haul but the original video came up to 7 minutes long! In which I realised I talked quite a bit of non-related topics like a long winded auntie lol. I don't take videos very often but they were hard work.

#1 Stutters in video.. #2 Camera went on auto sleep mode.. #3 Battery went flat.. #4 Ummm uhmm ahhh..... *retakes video* fml. So I editted, cut, and split them all into a shorter video - which had also resulted in the multiple blips hahaha my apologies.

I don't know why, but from the video it became evident that my favourite phrase is "So anyway....." lol. For disclaimer purposes, I still have fillers on my teeth for braces where I can't close my bite completely - so I cant pronounce the alphabet 'S' clearly and all. But hope you like the video of my shopping haul! It's only my second attempt at vlogs but I hope I did okay. 

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For the shorts, other than the 3 colors which I bought, it also came in light blue and pink. Just in case you all might be too lazy to watch the video, the cheapest price I got was at $12 each at the last lane of Bugis street. If the sizes are sold out you can also find them at $15 and $20 on the 2nd and 3rd floor of Bugis street respectively. I guess you have to pay more if you want to shop in air conditioned comfort hahaha. But yeah, those prices are only applicable if you purchase them in pairs.

Other than that, have a lovely weekend ahead!

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  1. Love your haul!

    Sita & Radha xx

  2. Fab blog, I love the iPhone case; it is so gorgeous. Also I love the colours.


  3. Stunning pieces, love the burgundy ones :-)

    PS let us know if you would like to follow each other :-)

    1. Thanks babe! And sure I'll leave a comment on your blog :)

  4. Bugis street is the famous place to buy souvenirs