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SLEEP MUG STUDY. That pretty much sums up my life for the past few days. I'm in the middle of my examinations period where I spend the whole day indoors trying to memorise just a little bit more textual content. And that also explains why I wasn't able to do any outfit posts of late. Just hang on a little bit more! My papers will end this coming Tuesday and I'm thinking of doing a series of giveaways right here. As you know, I do have a little blog shop named Lovelle Boutique which I manage through Facebook. I realised I still have quite a bit of instocks so maybe a giveaway is a great idea!

So as to compensate for the outfit posts, here's some pictures of myself with more make up. I do know most of the time I head out onto the streets almost barefaced (other than just doing my brows with a tinge of eyeshadow) where I even receive an anonymous comment from a reader requesting me to put on more. LOL. Whatever happened to liking natural looks?! Haha just kiddin'!

Well I don't usually put on much make up because some times I think I look funny with them. Although a swab of mascara would help, they are so hard to remove even with make up wipes! Ok maybe it's just me because I don't really like tugging at my lashes to wash them away. And in case you are thinking of suggesting false lashes to me.. I tried. BUT.... I just look weird!! Like a coquettish flirt batting my eyelids at every thing in sight wtf. Maybe it's the lashes fault, or the way the lashes point up to the sky, or my application is just hopeless.

I don't spend a lot of time learning and practicing how to stick them on.. and the last time I did the new glue I tried stung my eye fml. So I do admire and respect those who can deal with them so effortlessly. And wait, I also have to deal with the horror about them drooping with the corners coming off!! Therefore I shall concede defeat and declare mascaras as my next best friend.

I just did shades of brown and a tinge of shimmer on my lids. When I was done, I thought the make up looked already pretty thick. If I were to pile on more I'll probably looked like a bruised panda. Not to mention pandas already have black eye patches to begin with, lol! Oh my god I'm so punny!!  P.S. Ok after a couple of people have been telling me it's not a pun then OK it's not a pun. Although I still think it is. Ok maybe I has weird sense of humor wtf T_T

So anyway, hope you like them!! I hardly go into make up on my blog - because I don't think I have stunningly good application. On a second thought if I were to compare to my picture over at the sidebar → ... Okay it's time to change that!

Well the rest are just a bit more selcas of myself. Having papers tomorrow again so bye!!
Have a great Friday everyone!

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  1. Lovely pictures and great make up!

    1. Wow Maya you're so fast! I just managed to upload this post. Thank you so much!!

  2. Nice pics dear! kisses from Italy

  3. I love the lip color! :D


    1. Thanks Marxie! I love it too, it's my newest buy!

  4. Thank you very much for sharing information that will be much helpful for making coursework my effective.