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Pictures by KJ

CATCH THE LIGHTS. Hi everyone I'm back! Not that I've ever been away from my blog, but more of me being able to blog full-time now officially with all the time on my hands. My semester papers have ended and I feel so liberated! And as I quote, freedom tastes like shepherd pies, Hershey's kisses, all flavors of cheesecake and the morning dew upon your tongue. Smells like wildflowers in spring, fresh grounded coffee, like a breath of fresh air that lasts forever wtf. Except that I don't think it's going to last forever and I don't really fancy cheesecake. Perhaps fruit cakes or icecream cakes would be preferred wtf. Although I think this feeling of novelty will pretty much wear off in a couple of weeks or two, I shall bask in in for the time being.

In the previous post, I did mention that boyfriend and I went out to chill on a Saturday night. We went to the new Spiral@Yishun which is breathtaking gorgeous and as I would say, romantic too. You just have to see the rest of the pictures. We parked at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital - which explains the car park photos - and walked over. I must say Yishun has changed a lot, for the better and for the worse. There's so many new and pretty landscapes with an upcoming huge extension of Northpoint, but the flipside is that they are also building lots and lots of office buildings at the area where I stay. I like Yishun the way it's pretty quaint and serene, and how boyfriend used to say it's a kampung or a forest wtf.


Anyway, pictures in this post were taken at Spiral@Yishun. The whole place was so brightly lit I almost thought I was on a runway with spotlights shining down on me wtf hahahaha. It is also the first time boyfriend and I experimented night photography. I'm usually not that confident of night shots because we are still new to the ISO settings and unless a tripod stand is involved, more than often the pictures will turn out grainy. However this time round the pictures surprised me!

It was just a chill-out night so I didn't bother with make up. My main agenda was to show you my boots. I ordered this pair off the web and they looked even prettier when I received them. You know, the difference of viewing pictures of shoes on websites as compared to viewing the actual pair, seeing the cutting and feeling the texture. It came with hidden wedges so yey!

Earlier on that day it sort of rained, which made it even more perfect for a night out in booties. No worries about stepping into a puddle of water or coming home to find that back of your leg is stuck with fallen leaves or mud stains. Paired the boots with a turquoise tank, light denim shorts and threw on an oversized striped top / pullover I would say from Cotton On. Some times they have some really casual but nice designs that never goes out of fashion. There's always creativity in basics. Hope you girls like both the pictures and the comfy look!

Outfit of the day:
Striped Pullover: Cotton On
Turquoise Top: This Fashion
Denim Shorts: MGL Shorts
Short Boots: Dress-whsle

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