Mastering faux lashes

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DRESSED IN WHITE. It was my brother's Registry of Marriage ceremony with his girlfriend of 6 years yesterday so congratulations to them! I thought I'll blog about his ROM event seperately when the rest of the photos taken by his photographer are up, so in the meanwhile I could do a short post to share about my outfit for the day. We were literary freezing in the function room, and luckily we managed to find a little corner to bathe ourselves in sunshine and take some photos at the same time. 

The moment we stepped out water vapour formed so quickly on the UV protector lens of boyfriend's DSLR ! Thank god we had protector lens so they didn't form on the actual lens itself. But, still I can't help but worry that it may damage his camera in the long run. Nevertheless, the bits of water vapour gave the photos a very soft and dreamy effect. So pretty.

I was wearing the white chiffon dress which I got from Bugis street, which is also the one which I had mentioned in my video haul. It came with a inner piece that look like a simple tank dress, a gold 'belt' to tie it around the waist, and an outer layer of white chiffon again. When I simply changed into it without the belt and accessories my brother asked why I wore such a dress haha. It was pretty loose and unflattering. But I guess accessories made all the difference because his friend commented that it looked like an angel's dress when I was done. ♡

Oh and on that afternoon, I initially had hair prettily tonged with a mini straightener! But I had forgotten to bring my hair spray out. So as time passes, my hair weighed the curls down to almost boring straight hair again. T_T On a side note, I'm thinking of doing a perm for my hair. But I also do know that perms don't give such nice curls as tonged ones, and I heard they are really hard to maintain too. What to do? Anyone has recommendations on any types of perms? 

Clothes and all aside, one other thing is that recently I have been trying to master the art of putting on faux lashes. If you remember, I just mentioned that I'm giving up on them the other day haha! While chatting with Yijing some days later, she shared with me a video from which she had picked up and mastered the art from. So well, challenge accepted again.

I think I'm getting better at it! I found a type of lashes that are not exaggeratedly long and the design looks similar to my own lashes too. Now they look more natural on me. But I still think the crux of putting faux lashes on is not to panic with the glue.

Therefore I'm sharing this video by a make up artist that I learned some useful tips from. Hope it helps you girls who faces the same predicament when it comes to faux lashes like me.

Outfit of the Day
Dress: Bugis Street
Clutch: Bugis Street
Necklace: Forever 21
Ring: Serangoon Nex Mall
Shoes: Giovanna

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  1. I already knew how to apply lashes before I saw this video hahah. The crux is to just keep practising!

    1. Hahahhaa ya but for me is I think I always panic with the glue hahaha

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    1. Thanks you catarina! You're too kind hahaha thanks for following me btw! xx

  3. Great look! such beautiful pictures!!!

  4. I like the simplicity & classiness of your outfit, you look amazing!

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  6. The photos are great and the items are so well combined! I really like your blog, you got a fine taste! Please let me know what you think of my new post!

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