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A BLOGGER ON MYFATPOCKET. And so this was what I have been busy with lately, and what I wanted to share with all of you! After years of browsing myfatpocket's website, following their relationship articles, reading their bloggers blog where each of them boast a unique style of their own on that avenue, I am now part of their community as a blogger!! A guest-blogger in fact. I think I must be one of their most devoted readers because I visit their site almost every day.

And no, I'm not going to pretend to be cool about it because I'm more than hyped and over-excited about this! Myfatpocket is about fashion spotting, make up, and beauty tips, which is pretty much the same as what I write lately. Therefore it would be a very great opportunity and exposure for myself to learn, meet and make more like-minded friends.

However, this new avenue is nothing short of a simple decision. It had been an agonizing one for me to choose between the options. To drop this blog and direct all my readers there, or to maintain both sites. Should I choose to maintain both sites, what about the content? Do they remain the same? And these have been boggling my mind for the past week.

I have decided to maintain both sites after all, even though it might take up more of my time. Which I don't mind because it is something which I like and enjoy doing. It's like how some people may turn to have a smoke break to reward themselves after a long day (although I seriously advocate against and condemn this), I reward myself with having off-time to write. Okay I don't really want to use smoking as an analogy, but it was the best comparison I could use to put through my point ok. The other reason is that, if I dropped this place, I may possibly risk losing or confusing my readers. Therefore I shall continue to write on my personal blog, while the new avenue at MFP will be to reach out to new readers. Content wise, both avenues will be similar, but maybe beauty tips or reviews from time to time on my MFP blog.

Here's a screenshot of how my header looks!

The other reason why I said it had been an agonizing (but happy) move was because.... I have to learn how to use Wordpress. Not just learning how to use the platform to blog, but to get down, right and dirty with all the alien codes in css to customize the layout and all. Although I am fairly familiar with the HTML codes and how blogger functions, Wordpress operates itself in an entirely different way. I remember pleading help on twitter just so someone could give me a crash course. Which unfortunately no one did fml. So I learnt the codes through lots of trial and error, prowling through support forums and um,... crashing my site. LOL. I got locked out of my blog due to an error and I had to approach the web designer of MFP to help me hahahaha. So whoever that says Wordpress is definitely more user-friendly, you guys have not seen the days of the revamped blogger. T___T

So anyway! Im still feeling very happy, excited, honored (insert all the positive feelings under the rainbow) so if you are free you could hop over to my MFP blog here - and leave me a comment to say hi!.

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  1. Hi Jaslin! your pics rock. Awesome post my dear.



  2. You're so sweet!! Thanks Karen, really appreciate this!

  3. Your look is very nice!!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog!!!

    1. Hi Alessia, most welcome and thank you too!!!

  4. hi dear! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I really like your blog! I follow you in bloglovin № 15! I hope you're following me too!

    1. Thank you Diana!! That's a very sweet compliment! Will check out your blog now ;)