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DEALING WITH ANONYMOUS CONTENT. I just had to get this off my chest. How do you deal with anonymous comments? Do you approve them, or should you just remove all the negativity people try to bring into your life behind a nameless figure and a keyboard by deleting them?

Lately I have been receiving a bit of anonymous comments or questions, I would say since it is in my Formspring inbox. And looking back at the years, I don't receive them very often. But if I do, they usually nitpick at my command of language. I don't have an exemplary command of English and I'm not giving myself excuses or blaming it onto somebody. I don't, and that's why each time when someone points it out to me and tells me I'm writing it wrong, I appreciate it very much - and proceed to make the necessary changes. Even when they are very rude ones, I still appreciate them. Each time I write, I need the help of Google to make sure I'm using the words, nouns and adjectives correctly.

But what I dislike is the assumed responsibilities of a blogger people assign us to.


So does being a blogger means I should be USED to people being critical of my work?? Just because I put pictures of myself, write about my life, or I am being sponsored products means I should be put out there to withstand all kind of nonsense? NO! I have all the right in the world to stand up for myself and decide which of the receiving end should I be at.

And here's another one. Just because I blog about my own clothes, I MUST be fashionable in order to do so. It's just like telling a blogger that to write about their life, their life MUST be happening with all the fanciful parties one could ever attend in their lifetime. 

For your information, just in case you're wondering, both "UnrequitedLust" and "Little Miss Hungry" are exactly the same person because both links lead to a same profile with a blank profile. I mean, if you really dislike my content and think that I have no credibility, why do you keep coming back to my site??

Oh and anyway, that was a constructive advice, a negative content PLUS, a personal attack all in one go. Using my content to go one big round to indirectly say that I look like a hooker. Thanks for that. But sorry only one person in this world has the right to do so.

Another thing that sparked off this post was when I received this in my formspring inbox.

What to do with anonymous comments?

I'm not talking about those logical or constructive criticism - negative criticism that have a sound argument. I refer to ungrounded accusations or even personal attacks through an anonymous persona. They can be just down right distasteful. As an editor of your own blog, you have the right to control the kind of content you want to release on your blog.

And as of date, I have not deleted any single negative criticism on my blog. They are free for all to view - and for your eyes to judge. It takes quite a bit of courage, dignity and self-healing for the first few times and you have to give me credit for that. 

If you were to approve all the hateful comments, it's equivalent to inviting all the negativity people try to bring into your life behind nothing but an anonymous persona, someone armed with just a keyboard and have no guts to say it behind a name. This is some thing I will not respect. So naturally, one will say "I shall delete them all!". Your space would be pleasant looking, no more having to glance at these distasteful content anymore. But wait, more will even come around and accuse you of bias, and your content has got no credibility because now you're only only presenting one-sided views, views which I like.

For the love of God, please.

And here are the constant hateful comments I received in my formspring inbox lately:

Which sparked off to this person whom I assumed had tried to educate me the meaning of a pun earlier on:



Why so serious and upset about it yo?? 

Oh and guess what! Just a day prior to this I received two other similar "questions" in my formspring inbox. Which I regretfully deleted because I don't see it as a question where I could possibly reply. If it's not a question it shouldn't be in my formspring. But anway it says, on a similarity of 90% on word for word,

"Stop using wtf in your sentences. You are copying FourFeetNine"
"The context in which you used was wrong too."

Sorry, my bad. I guess I didn't knew the word "wtf" was patented, and I need to have a context in order to exclaim "WTF!!". To all my friends who writes "wtf" in your twitter or blog, you're doing it wrong! =__= I told boyfriend about this and he laughed his socks off. I probably shouldn't have deleted that earlier on.  

I can't help but think all these came from the same person, because the things that were nitpicked at, the use of platform, is just too much of a coincidence to have come from different individuals.

I read from another blogger once on how he deals with anonymous content, is that he lives by the rule before getting upset about a vitriol:

" Hate mail signed from no one is from nobody." 

"It was from nobody and you should never let a nobody make you feel like less of a somebody." And I also came across another sentence which made a lot of sense to me. "You hardly see truly self-confident and happy leaving negative comments around". Which is true, and from today onwards I shall live that by rule too. And to my readers, if you do spot any grammatical error or misuse of my language, please do guide me along.

And here comes my question: How do you usually deal with anonymous commentors? 

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  1. This is an amazing post and thank Jaslin for posting about this topic =)
    PS. You are inspiring and I glad I meet you through blogger =) Wish you all the best with everything =)
    Take Care and I like the header... it look great!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

    1. Hi Harija! Haha I just thought of sharing what I feel, and thank you for such a heart warming comment and well wishes!! You made my day :) xx

    2. You're welcome and I am glad I made you day!
      I am extremely proud of you for raising your voice again cyber-bullying!
      Good Job =)
      PS. Bloggers must stick together!

    3. Haha thanks dear, and I agree with you. :) Had saw your tweet too! ♡