Rain at my feet

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Pictures by KJ

FUN IN THE RAIN with pink Phua Choo Kang's boots (wait, shut up it's not!!) Remember it was raining throughout the day some time last week? I took the chance to wear out my new pink boots that looks like the famous (or infamous) PCK's one. I guess I can't help but associate all tall boots made of a rubbery texture with that. Especially if you've got them in yellow. Yellow yellow dirty fellow....... ok stop.

This is my latest pair of shoes in the cabinet, also one of the new arrivals from Crocs - the pink Rainfloe Boots. I have never ever - cross my heart - in my life thought that I would own a pair of Crocs shoes. Their design is usually... well..... not me. And I'm the kind of girl who would go for design over comfort for what I wear on my feet. So some time earlier this month my friend Joyce actually had a Crocs giveaway on her blog and I managed to win myself a pair of shoes from Crocs! To top it all, I can choose any pair and design from any of the outlet as I like. 

Prior to that I actually browse their website for the various designs. I thought of getting myself a boots for the rainy day. You know, it's either rain or sun in this country. And I always dislike the feeling of stepping on a puddle of water (even worse if it's muddy) and having them seep through the parts of my slipper and get in contact with my feet. ugh!! 

I came across the Rainfloe boots and I had to go to a few outlets before finding them at Tampines One. Initially I thought of getting it in navy blue because darker colors are always easier to match. But boyfriend recommended me to go for the pink one and I'm not regretting it!

And I would like to show you guys the new watch from Guess that boyfriend has got for me! It's actually a couple watch with a similar face for the guy's version, and my advanced Christmas present from him. The original strap was supposed to be black but I requested to change it to a white strap that is looking so gorgeous now. ♡ 

Decided to go for a pink look that day, with a floral top I got and showed you girls in my shopping haul video, khaki shorts and handbag. I did mention about how I love fashion umbrellas in my previous post, and this is my very own umbrella that we lugged back from my Bangkok trip earlier this year. Couldn't fit into the luggage so it was declared as odd-sized luggage lol =____=

Love the polka dots details on the top as well as the handle, the elegant and slim structure, the lace details around the sides, and even right down to the dome shape of it.  Do you own a fashion umbrella too?

Outfit of the Day
Top: Bugis Street
Shorts: MGL Shorts
Bag: Bangkok
Umbrella: Bangkok
Boots: Crocs Singapore

Would like to give many thanks to Joyce and her blog partner Drea for having the Crocs giveaway in the first place! If not for it, I would never have thought of owning a pair of crocs, let alone this awesome pair of rainfloe boots that is so apt for the frequent fishing trips and outings boyfriend organised.

I think you girls should get one too of such boots too! My feet never felt so protected from the rain ever before wtf. I can run, hop and maybe kick some puddle of water at someone else without getting my legs wet. 

*dirts off my shoulder* 

Lol I was kidding with the kicking part. 

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  1. you look very pretty

    Loved your blog!
    Do you want to follow each other?


    1. Haha thank you dear, And sure it would be great! :)

    2. following you back on Gfc and Fb!

  2. Cute outfit! :)
    Thanks for dropping by ;) Keep in touch!

    Jamie Kate

  3. you loook so pretty with this rainy outfit!

  4. Your look is very cute!!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog!!!


  5. Hi! Loving your boots~~~~! So cute and pink :) I like pink.
    Love your top too, but I don't think I suit sleeveless tops xC

    Followed you~~ <3 hope to read your posts more


    1. Thank you so much dear! Why not? I think you'll look great in sleeveless tops with ur petite frame!

  6. You looks so nice. Oerfect boots. Have a great weekend.


    1. Thank you Denisa for the compliment, same to you too! ♡

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  9. Cute! Now following ya on bloglovin dear

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  10. Perfect for the rain <3

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    link for the Grazia contest!You can vote every day…thanks!

  11. great look honey, your tee is amazngggggg


  12. those boots are girly boots! :) following you now! hope you can follow back!


  13. Hello, I found your blog from a friend and I went to visit! I loved your post and I am going to stay on top of all the news!
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  14. Thanks for the comment!I love learning about different countries too and Singapore is one of my favorite cities!Been there once and loved it....I love the pink boots even though It doesnt look like regular crocs at all(Thank god for that!)
    Followed you back!

    1. Wow really? I love to visit different countries too! It's always exciting to learn about new cultures. And yes your last comment made me laugh hahaha. Thank you dear! And thanks for dropping by!

  15. awww such a cute idea to take shots with an umbrella :)
    x the cookies


    1. Haha thank you! It was a whim-of-the-moment kind of thing :x

  16. love your outfit and love the fact that you still look stunning even on rainy days! I just become lazy and where big sweater/ tie my hair in a messy bun!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

    1. Hahaha actually most of the days I'm pretty much the same as you :x

  17. Love this post ♥

    Lots of LOVE,



  18. You look so adorable in those pink rain boots and the pink floral top! So cute!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  19. Ahah no i don't have a fashion umbrella ):
    I like your blog, we should follow each other! Check out my blog and let me know


  20. cute outfit for a rainy day! if you enjoy my blog too, would you like to follow each other? xo jess

  21. Such a cute way to stay cute in the rain! Your top is adorable and I love how you make the pink pop even more with your boots!


  22. Thank you all of you for your lovely and (some humorous) comments. I have replied all of them via your blog! Many hugs and kisses.

  23. Beautiful Outfit.
    You look stunning!

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