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SEA AQUARIUM AT MARINE LIFE PARK. Just last Friday boyfriend and I went on a double date with his cousin and his girlfriend to the newly opened Marine Life Park at Resort World Sentosa. We were afraid that it might be packed with people during the weekends so we tried to do it on a late Friday afternoon. I did some research about the place, and I found out that Marine Life Park consists of 2 main attractions, the SEA Aquarium and the Watercove Park - which is something very similar to the Wild Wild Wet park that we already have. Very excited about giving the Watercove Park a try another time!

Didn't really knew what to expect when we were on our way there, all I knew that there are a lot of fishes (duh) and a huge huge huge aquarium to view the fishes. I have to say, the place is magnificent and such an eye opener for me. Boyfriend has been watching lots of documentaries in the past, coupling with the fact that his hobby is fishing, I think he became my personal guide for the day. Each time I asked "what is that?" he'll answer me very intelligently hahaha. If I were to compare it to the Underwater World at Sentosa, the SEA Aquarium is definitely much more impressive.

I think this post alone can't describe my experience. There were so much to look, how interestingly some fishes swam, but most of the time I was too awestruck and stunned into silence.. ~_~ While we were there we even got approached by Reuters to do an interview too! As the place closes at 6pm (we reached at 5pm), we kind of rushed through the whole place without having a very good look at all the different marine fishes. Would definitely want to go back there to visit again, and hopefully I'll get to see the dolphins during my next visit. The place is newly opened and the staff told us that quite a number of fishes were either still migrating over, or under quarantine at the moment. 

For that day I decided to wear my skinny jeans paired with my laced boots and a polka dotted top. Although the top might look all pretty and new, it is actually a vintage top that is a very old hands-me-down apparel from my mother. She must have been so skinny back then! It is actually a halter top, but she had it tailored into a tank top for my preference. ♡ Completed the outfit with nothing but a gorgeous rose gold watch that I got for myself recently. 

Matching umbrellas for my outfit in the souvenir shop. I just love fashion umbrellas! But sadly they are just way too overpriced. It's almost 500% more expensive as compared to the normal umbrellas that we have here. We need more of them please!

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  1. i was there! i was there! i was there too!!! ^^!!!!

    1. Wahhh hahahha hope you enjoyed visiting Singapore!! (I assume u're on a visit :x)

  2. that aquarium looks huge..wonderful..i have never seen one but it looks wonderful

    lucky girl

    thanks for visit

    1. It is! You should come over and visit some day!

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    I follow you now! Hope you will follow me back )

  4. I love your watch and those umbrellas are so cuteeee <3 Btw, thanks for the recommendation. I might check it out, when I go there visiting my brothers <3


  5. Thanks for your visit!!! I'm following you back as you asked on GFc and Fbook, then followed you also on Bloglovin, please follow me back on Bloglovin! xoxo

  6. It looks like a great day and that aqarium is amazing. Have a nice day.

  7. I just love the whole tunnel like feeling in the aquarium...the umbrellas are super cute!

  8. loooove polka dots!! I have a similar look at my blog but its a jumpsuit! now I have a new idea to wear it!
    xoxo from Mexico!!

  9. love the outfit and you look amazing! if you have a chance, please visit my blog. i think you'll like my outfits! :)

  10. that polka dot tank is very cute, love your laced boots.
    want to follow each other? :)

  11. u are super cute....and I am totally addicted to polka dots

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  13. Your top is adorable!
    Would you like to follow each other?
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  14. What a co-incidence, we both are sporting dots today! you look adorable, dear!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  15. Thank you all for the comments!! I have replied them via your own blogs! ♡

  16. Ur such a cuty! Love this outfit.

    Would you like to follow eachother?:)


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