Thursday, January 24, 2013

Leap of faith

NEW HAIRCUT. Sometime last week, I finally decided to have my tresses cut even shorter after my last haircut in August last year. I stopped trimming my hair since all of 6 years ago, and kept them longer and longer till a point where it reached my bum haha. Last August I had them cut short, but somehow the length just sort of grew back within 5 month's time. ಠ_ಠ

Hair why you grow so fast?!

It had never occurred to me to have them this short before, but somehow I slowly grew to dislike them..

Drying my hair takes hours, and blow-drying them WITH turbo mode takes at least a full half an hour. My hair gets caught in almost everything. The straps of the shoulder bag, books I'm carrying in my hand, groceries bags which I hang on my arm, at the waist when boyfriend gives me a hug, and even between the joints of the vaccumn cleaner.

And those doesn't ends there. When I sleep I have to toss all of the hair above my head so that it doesn't gets caught when I sleep, I have to worry about having the roots of the hair touching the wet corners of the kitchen sink when I wash the dishes, and I must tie them up before I brush my teeth every morning and night so they won't tumble into the sink,.. just to name a few. T__T

They get caught in almost every single possible item that's near, that I snap my hair more often than they drop... hahaha NO LA.

So last week I decided to put an end to all of these. *pumps fists into my hands. Before I knew it I was already walking out the hairdresser's door, and it felt... so refreshing! Therefore, here's how I currently look like, and also a preview of my next post that will be live early next morning. Do drop back!


  1. I like how your hair is now! (:
    Love the title you gave to this post


  2. Such a beautiful picture of you! I find short hair much more easy to handle, but never have the guts to cut it:)

  3. Very nice pic. Great day.

  4. Thanks for stopping by on my blog. Looking beautifull

  5. I love the haircut! Gorgeous picture!


  6. Hello dear! thanks for following me! I followed you back. hehe :)
    anyway, great photo! you look awesome dear! ^^)

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  7. Nice!

  8. aww you look very sweet...
    New post on my leopard look is up on my blog sweets :)

  9. Your haircut is beautiful!! You look amazing
    We can follow each other if you want

    xoxo cutie

  10. you are cute :)

  11. nice haircut! still very long though... but beautiful!
    xxx Ros.e.
    I'm following u now, pls follow me back if u like :-)

    xxxx Ros.e.

  12. cudnie ;)

  13. You look so lovely! I saw a couple of your posts and you have such a great blog :) Let me know if you want to follow each other - xo akiko
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  14. I think.. I am loving your new hair more than your old one >_< Can't wait for your live post! <3


  15. Great post..You are so beautiful :*
    Do you want to follow each other on gfc and facebook ?? Let me know if you want :*

  16. Your hair looks great, cute shorts too. I'm such a fan of studs :)

  17. Hello sweets, thank you all for the lovely comments! They have all been replied via your own blogs <3