Streets down Chinatown

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Pictures by KJ

FESTIVE PERIOD. Once every year around the Chinese New Year season, boyfriend would bring me down to Chinatown for a little walk. The other time I went there to look for a cheong sam but this year we wanted to catch the festive decorations - it's the year of Snake and there's a huge snake deco hung over an entire street!

I wore the same dress from Geriz, but since boyfriend forgotten to bring his shoes out we decided to just wear simply. So I also took out my accessories and changed into flats! Speaking about being forgetful, boyfriend was soo hilarious because he has very bad memory nowadays. Such a leaving his car keys ON the car door on multiple occasions. It's okay if he parked his car at his house... but the thing is that every time it was at a public car park! Thank god for honest Singaporeans.

And on that day, boyfriend forgotten to bring his wallet out until we have reached Chinatown - which is neither near my house or his. It just so happened that I have ZERO cash on me and my bank only has $20 to withdraw lol! Therefore it was strictly a sight-seeing date out. 

Chinatown's atmosphere there was just.. great. Very festive, lots of CNY songs streaming from the shops and most of the people are in red! There was even a fat cat just lying in the middle of the street taking a nap and wagging its tail from time to time. We had taken lots of pictures and so prepare for the picture spam ahead~

P.S. I also did something drastic to my hair (again) and I had it permed! So now I can has curly curly hair which I hope would soon relax into waves. Pictures in the upcoming post!  

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  1. wow these pics are simply perfect!!!! you are so cute :)

  2. so pretty pics ! I remember the bustling streets of chinatown, full of life ! Wanna go there soon !
    Btw, just created a facebook page and would if we connect up there too !

    1. Yes it's always full of people!! I would love to visit other countries' chinatown though! And sure i'd love to :)

  3. Preciosas fotografías!!!

  4. nice're so cute...

  5. Foto carinissime (: Reb, xoxo.

    *Fammi sapere cosa ne pensi delle mie nuove sneakers:

  6. Lovely moment ^^
    I love your dress and sunglasses :)

    New post - Kisses

  7. Nice dress!

  8. cute dress~ and adorable couple :)


  9. Great photos! :D Snake is very funny ; d His eyes are soo cool *.*

    Kisses from Poland <3

    1. LOL now that you mentioned it I thinking the same too hahaha! And thankyou <3

  10. Wow, I love all of these photos and your oxblood dress!

    Sparkles and Shoes

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