Baking Cookies

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CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. And so my house has got a new electric oven recently! I don't know if I should use the term "finally" because my house used to have a very big and old convection oven in the past (like 6 years ago) but my mum decided to throw it away because she's afraid it would just blow up the kitchen some day. So there goes my baking interest down the drain when she replaced it with a toaster - and all my baking activities have to be done at someone else's house.

And then over the past 6 years.. the toaster oven got old again with burnt food spills lying at the bottom and my mum's afraid it would also blow up the kitchen some day too. So... my brother went to Giant Hypermart last week and bought back this new electric oven (and it only costs less than $40!). Just in case you're wondering the difference between a toaster and an electric oven, they are equally small and compact in size, just that an electric oven offers different temperature settings.

But since it was so compact I had my doubts whether I could try baking cookies without them coming out all black in color - well that's usually what happens with a toaster. I was quite excited about it so I started looking for cookie recipes! I baked 2 different cookies over the past week - chocolate chip cookies and double chocolate chip cookies. 

I used to bake using those pre-mixes found in Fairprice supermarket but it only a 25% success rate worked for me when I baked in the past lolol. So I decided to try making it by scratch and mix all the flour and sugar proportions myself. You know since it all boils down to the recipe.. I got them from Well, you can't possibly go wrong with a recipe that has 5 THOUSAND numbers of reviews right. Plus the ingredients look really simple - without ambiguous stuff like vegetable oil, lol. 

And then when I start making the cookie dough I got a little too meticulous and started googling for different measurements of "cups" for different items. Apparently a cup worth of sugar may not necessary equate to the same cup of measurement if you were to measure flour / butter / baking soda etc - according to a site that I found. 

And you know what, screw that because it screwed my mix wtf. I ended up adding too little flour - which I only found out much later when I've already used a third of my cookie dough and all of them turned out flat like roti-pratas on the baking pan. -_- I wanted to show you all how it looked like, but on hindsight it's a little bit too embarassing ahem.

So, lesson of the day is that if you're using a measuring cup to get the sugar, use the same measuring cup to get the flour. To my amazement the cookies tasted so good! I'm not trying to you know, self brag hahaha but - BUT it really tasted like Subway cookies! Crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. My double chocolate cookies tasted like mini brownies too. Getting a little too sinful on the double chocolate ones and so I had to cut back on the chocolate chips. Don't they just look so cute??


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  1. oh it looks delicious, yummy!! :)

  2. picture says it all, not too dry, well baked and yummy, omg!!! i so wanna GRUB right now, haha..

  3. Oo, looks so yummy. Have a great day.

  4. These look yummy!

    Sita xx

  5. Que buena pinta!!!

  6. goodness these cookies look so yummy! I have a strong craving for it now. haha

    1. Hahahah thank you~! You can try baking it too, it's a very easy recipe!

  7. this is so delish!!! :)) I really love looking at food posts. hihi :"3
    anyway, i have an on-going international giveaway on my blog! i hope you can check it out and join if you haven't yet because I would love you to win!

    Rae ^^)

  8. They look cute and yummy. No way you´ll blow up the kitchen. Keep on baking :)


  9. OMG... ABSOlutely delicious cookies!!! Cute blog too!!!

    *See you soon on my blog.
    Fanny J. ABSOmarilyn | The Marilyn Monroe of 21st century

  10. yum yum yummmmmm..... Nom NOm NOM.... :P

  11. It´s a classic and I love it!!! Cookies <3 true love!
    kiss kiss

  12. Thanks for following. I've now followed you back.

    Have a great evening.

  13. omg such cute cookies! I want to eat them!


  14. So Yummy!!!! I love this!!!

  15. OMG those cookies look delicious!!!!I´ve been checking the recipe and they seem easy to do!
    We´re already following on GFC but would you like to follow on bloglovin too?? (GFC is not gonna work anymore after july and I´d love to keep in touch!)


    1. Yesss I went around comparing recipes and these have the most number of raving reviews too. And is it true that GFC not going to work anymore? Sure I'd love to keep in touch on bloglovin :))

  16. yummy! they look delicious!

    xo Sarvin

  17. I love how these are round! Such a cute idea.