Black on Lace

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Pictures by KJ

BOTTLE TREE PARK. One thing about Singapore is that you can never get enough of parks. And if you paid attention to the details all of them are really filled with cute little structures around every corner. Just the other day when boyfriend and I decided to go Causeway Point to have a little walk we decided to drop by Bottle Tree Park since it was somewhere along the way - and that explains the heels.

I am wearing my new black chiffon top which I bought from Bugis (not really a surprise isn't it) just last month for CNY and I liked the little button detail at the back of my neck - which I unfortunately forgotten to take a picture of. I also liked its length because it allows me to wear high waisted shorts where you know, I don't have to tuck in my top. Truthfully I don't really fancy tucking in my clothes into high-waist shorts because somehow they'll give an illusion of a very big bum on me fml. And it doesn't help that my waist is rather small and then I look like a 12 year old from waist up! 

Ok let me digress a little bit. I don't know what about you but somehow most of the food I eat, it always ends up on my bum or my thighs but never my waist. And that makes me look aneroxic if I wore tight fitting tops. Would you rather your body deposit fat to your tummy or legs? Seriously I don't know which is better but I'd rather they don't appear anywhere hahahaha. 

Oh yea anyway, I paired it with a pair of lace crochet shorts to soften the look, as well as a handbag from Perlini and ankle strap heels in matching color. I actually searched high and low for this pair of heels and they are my most comfy pair now. Necklace was from Forever 21 which I bought about a couple of years ago when I was still very much into the punk flavor hahah. Hope you girls like the look and enjoy the pictures!

Outfit of the Day

Top: Bugis Street
Shorts: The White Alley
Necklace: Forever 21
Ring: Box Boss Northpoint Shopping Mall
Bag: Perlini

The tree which gave rise to the name of the park - Bottle Tree!

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  1. love your outfit!! and wow what an amazing tree!!! :)

  2. Love the monochrome outfit!

    Sita xx

  3. Muy bonitos los shorts!

  4. It happens to me too everything goes to my thighs!! Anyway, we love your shorts and necklace and envy the weather!!


    1. Hahaha thank you Marina! The weather has been pretty alright.. but it's always the same weather all year round in my country! I would love to have different season changes :p

  5. Love your outfit. It is so pretty and perfect for spring/summer! Gorgeous necklace btw.


  6. Very nice outfit. Great shorts. Have a nice day.

  7. these photos are fab! the lace looks gorgeous!
    black on white looks great and well one trend!
    hold jewellery is a great touch!

  8. nice outfit!! visit my blog?

  9. Absolutely gorgeous, I love this look - especially these lace shorts!

    Sparkles and Shoes
    My 1,000 Follower Giveaway!

  10. Hahaha Okay, that tree is super cute. Must make a mental note to hunt for it the next time I am in Singapore. Does it give you luck if you rub it or hug it? =P

    And lady, what fat are you talking about? >.> Your bum or thigh looks just fine, no extra flesh alright, pft!

    I like the combination of your outfit and those pants are cute! <3 Well I find having parks everywhere is awesome. Plenty of place for photoshoot and of course, having greens everywhere is an awesome thing <3


    1. Hahaha! I wouldn't want to hug it I got a morbid fear of ants hahaha. Alright madam :P Thank you for such a sweeet comment!!

  11. Great outfit dear!
    Love the lace shorts <3

  12. I'd definitely rather have it on my thighs than my tummy! But of course the optimal is if you could just not have it deposit anywhere at all :) I love those shorts, too! :)

    Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin'?

    Sophisticated Lace

  13. great blog great style great outfits and great yummy cookies!!!

    im followoing u

    do u wanna follow me back???????

  14. Hi this is a lovely blog honey I think we should follow on GFC and Bloglovin? what do you think?
    let me know I'll follow back for sure
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  15. You are so pretty! I love this outfit! The shorts are especially cute :)

    I'm following now! I'd love it if you'd visit my blog and maybe give it a follow!

  16. Those shorts are so cute! Thanks for following me! I'm now following you via GFC and Bloglovin. xo

  17. Uuuaaaauuu! You are very very beautiful!!! Love the look! And amazing necklace

    1. hahaha wow thank you very much.. you're very kind with your words!!

  18. Such a great blog! I like your point of view on fashion!
    Maybe we can follow each other via bloglovin and gfc?
    I can't wait to see your next post!

  19. love your necklace and you look beautiful as always!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

    1. thank you Harija! You're so sweet! Same to you too :))

  20. Perfect outfit, you are adorable :)