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6 THINGS ABOUT ME  Hmmm this is going to be interesting. So a couple of weeks back I got a tag from Mish to share 6 things about me and she wanted to know odd little things about me! For a start, this is kind of nolstagic because we would used to do these on Facebook in the form of notes. Except that now it's written in blog posts.

I'm really not that interesting. I lead a boring life and is secretly a mugger at home when exams are approaching wtf. Ok so here goes...

1. I don't take tea, coffee, wine, alcohol or even pure milk.
Then people will usually give quite an astonished look and ask me second options like "What about lemon tea?". As much as I would love to appreciate tea and the way of life with a hot cup of Starbucks coffee, I just don't. Seriously, I don't know what's up with my taste buds but anything that contains tea, such as apple tea, peach tea, and what not tastes bitter to me. Same goes for coffee.

Then as for alcoholic drinks, I still think they smell very pungent and it tastes even worse. When most people hit the age of 18 and starting drinking to look cool and what not I thought they were insane. I mean how can anything smell and taste so bad be so enjoyable wtf. So each time when my friends started playing games that involves drinking I became the wet blanket and started gulping on coke lol.

And then when it comes to milk..... I only drink flavored milk like chocolate milk and all but not pure milk. It is so bad that the smell alone can makes me nauseous. It's been like this since young so I grew up with flavored powdered milk hahaha.

2. Who wears glasses or not?
Ok this is a very interesting thing that for the love for God I can never comprehend. You know how people would confirm an identity of a mentioned person with this question "ohh (s)he's the one with glasses right?". I can never ever remember stuffs like that. Not even someone who I've just seen a couple of hours ago. Does this info automatically registers in your head? Because I can't never ever remember stuff like that. Like for example if you are asking me if I remember which of my boyfriend's family members wear glasses, I still don't.  T___T

3. Aspiration
My dream job is to become a dance teacher. My very first "what do I want to be when I grow up" was a nurse when I was in kindergarten haha! I guess it's because nurses are so angelic, kind and caring that I want to be one of them.

Then I grew up and realised my passion in dancing, but my mum kind of disagreed with me enrolling in a dance school and all because it wasn't practical in her opinion. I'm feeling kind of "empty" now that I stopped dancing, but if I could I will want to have a little dance studio in my future house where I can practice and if possible, teach aerial silk. I even dreamt about it when I was purchasing my house in my dreams hahaha.

4. Numbers junkie
That's me wtf. I really like maths and anything that has to do with numbers throughout my decades of studies. I don't see eye to eye with science, but ironically I took up triple pure science in secondary school - only to drop my Chemistry subject and pull through the other two of Physics and Biology. Then in my poly and uni studies I opted for accounting or finance modules to my friends' shock hahaha. I guess it's pre-programmed to how some people are better at science than maths or the other way round.

5. My house
The house which I'm currently residing in used to be haunted! And it came from first hand experience between my brother and myself that it shocked me so much that I still have nightmares from time to time until now. Sounds very exciting right! But you would definitely not want to experience it first hand. Long story short, my house is very safe and sound now. :)

6. Italy
So ok I decided to have my point 6 talking about food. This is quickly becoming 6 things about my apetite (lol). My favourite cusine is Italian food! I have a huge thing for pizzas, pastas and stuff like that which is quite a bad thing for the waist line because they are all laden with carbs! I learned to whip up a few pastas of different flavors, my weaknesses are PizzaHut and Pastamania T___T. But one thing I would love to do is to travel to Italy in the future and have some authentic Italian cuisine! It must be very yummmy.

That leads to the abrupt end of this long winded entry and I hope you enjoyed reading some very odd things about me hmmm. For this note I leave it to any of you girls to self-tag if you would like to share things about yourself. And thanks again to Mish for the tag, it has been very therapeutic to pen this post.

Happy Aprils Fool Day to everyone!

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  1. i love tea and coffee haha and i hope you dance in your free time!

  2. Great post, and I find you very interesting!
    I also love to dance and used to dance ballet for 12 years, miss it:)

  3. I don't like tea or coffee either and I maths was my favourite subject at school.

    Sita xx

    1. Haha then you're very similar to me as well!

  4. i love this kind of posts! i don't drink coffe, too! tea- hardly, hardly ever.
    you are very clever person and i like it! it says your friend from polish ;)

    ANECIA WAS HERE- more than passion ♥
    blog | facebook | twitter

  5. thanks for you comment! I followed back

  6. I like that post. Have a nice monday.

  7. Interesting post, know a little bit more about you now :P
    I have a passion for dancing too!
    Hope you will dance again :)

    1. Thank you sweetie! My house is too small for me to practice and taking up dance lessons are expensive nowadays :\

  8. I love your hair!! :) xoxo

  9. Very nice post :)
    I really love your hair :)

  10. Awww thank you so much for doing this tag <3 Wow ._. It really proves that there's still so much for us to know about one another >w< I hope you will continue dancing one day as it really seems very dear to you ^^ And yes, there's absolutely nothing wrong or to be ashamed of being a single parent child. My parents separated when I was like 3? Lol but recent years they seem to be during fine so perhaps one fine day they might get back with one another <3 here's some very hardcore hoping :D

    Okay lady you need to start having a variety more of liquid taste! lol! And numbers orz. That's the one other thing that I cannot do other than Biology and Geography >D HATE. MATHS. See? It even rhymes! Hahaha

    Thanks for sharing this with us Jaslin. A really insightful read ^^


    1. Hahaha I can totally understand the part about the hardcore hoping. But ah I've long given up about it too haha. The liquid variety is still a lot more out there! Such a juices and soda heh. And nah I would like to thank you for the tag!! I totally love reading you blog ♡

  11. gorgeous hair dear....

  12. Oww...Love it!!!

  13. Hi sweety!! I've just discovered your blog and i like it very much!!
    Beautiful pictures and it is indeed an amazing post!! :)
    Tell me about my blog:

    1. Aw thank you Sandra! I would love to as well :)