Expressing with Levi's

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LEVI'S 501 REINTERPRETATION So today marks the last day of the blogging campaign for Levi's 501 Interpretation Blog category on Singapore Blog Awards. I hope all of you have enjoyed reading my previous articles which I wrote about Levi's, such as my very own interpretation for their icon 501 jeans. Wearing a pair of 501 jeans is just like being on a dance stage to me. There is so much freedom to express yourself, no words need to be communicated. It's just like a language on its own. During this period, I also got the privilege to model their Spring / Summer 2013 collections, and to share about the rich heritage behind the brand. It humbles me to have learnt so much about the brand during this campaign, it was like getting to know a friend even better. It just feels so endearing and heartwarming.

While the campaign ends today, I decided to do a look-back about the past few weeks and to share my experience with Levi's through a short video which I call it my 501's reinterpretation. To be honest, I've grown so attached to the brand throughout the campaign that I was also subconsciously wearing my Levi's home tee shirt in the video too! The videos were taken on the day when we were at Levi's 501 Party at Zouk for their fashion show, and I also thought to include some snippets of my preparations before boyfriend and I headed out that day to shoot some pictures as well.

This video may marks the closure to Levi's 501 blogging campaign, but you guys are still going to spot me wearing my Levi's apparels a lot more times here (did I already mentioned that they are so versatile for different looks?). Anyway, hope all of you enjoy this short video and do check out Levi's stores for their new Spring / Summer 2013 collection together with their 11-piece capsule collection from Levi's X Liberty London collaboration!

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  1. Nice video :)you have really great hair.

  2. realy nice :)

    1. Thank you dear! You have been leaving so many comments and it is very sweet of you!

  3. Ooh good luck darling, will go back and check out the other previous posts!


  4. What a great video! Just love it dear :)

  5. Lovely video <3

    I love your blog - Please come visit my world :)