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FLORALS ON DENIM  Yep we got that right. As the adorable video above makes clear, just hearing about it makes my heart skips a beat (a whole lot faster actually) as I want to share about Levi's Strauss and Liberty London's new collaboration! You know, just like how some people are made for each other, this capsule collection are totally gorgeous.

It's interesting to know that Liberty Art Fabrics were originally created in England, where designs were originated from hand drawings. The designs are often inspired by flora, fauna and the exotic, where the brand eventually evolved into a strong and recognisable Liberty style with a huge portfolio and Liberty print archives with over 43 thousand original designs.

Ah I'm talking about the designs because on their collaboration with Levi's (also the first for Levi's women's line) on a 11 piece womenswear collection, it features classic (and not so classic) Levi's items mixed with 2 specially designed Liberty prints. The Carlin and the Kerr Bandana, both designs were inspired from the archives based on styles from the 70s and 40s respectively, redrawn with watercolor pencils and put into a repeat design.

I think it is exciting to learn and see how two brands - one that is full of American style, and the other with a design legacy in floral fabric print comes together on a piece of apparel; its like classic Americana meets quintessentially Brit quirkiness. And both brands boast uncompromised craftmanship and heritage,To be honest, what's there to say no to floral prints on denimwear?

I always think what makes a brand's apparel different from others is the workmanship, and that is true for Levi's denimwear which I mentioned. Just like how people always say a good pair of Levi's can last you for a lifetime. So naturally it was also interesting to me how the designs were printed on denim as well for this collection - they are laser burned onto denim and germent finished using an innovative laser technique.

I adore some of the pieces which looks almost like it was a DIY project that has an accompanying patchwork vibe to it - just like the one above. A variation of motif is used in some of the pieces like their skinny stretch jeans. But for those who prefer to have a less subtle variation that plays with color and scale, there are the other pieces that uses different shades of denim where it integrated floral pattern into details such as piping, pockets, and panels. Here are some of the apparels from the 11 piece collection itself.

This is the 501 shorts that had integrated floral designs onto denim itself with the motif peeking out from the pockets. You can't get any subtle than this - and I love the rolled up hems.

Other items also includes the flouncy skirt and the bustier top. Now the bustier top is the other one which caught my eye because a closer look at it will show you both the different prints in one - The Carlin and the Kerr Bandana.

The mixture of Levi's denimwear and Liberty London's floral motifs have come together to create such gorgeous eye candies. I think thats the most ingenious collaboration and why hadn't they come together sooner?? And with temperatures and haze level rising (lol)... perhaps it's time to update your summer and spring wardrobe too! The collection will be in Levi’s® Lady’s stores (313@somerset #01-21,Bugis Junction #01-25/25A, Vivocity #01-191) in late June.


And as always, I hope you enjoyed this entry which will also be submitted for Levi's Best 501 Interpretation blog category as one of the required posts. If you have a moment I would be more than happy if you would also like to help vote for me as

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Thank you so much for reading (and for those who have been supporting me thus far)!

For more information
Levi's Website: www.levi.com.sg
Levi's 501 Interpretation Website: www.levis501.com.sg
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/levis

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  1. im lovin the floral look..nice! thanks for ur visit, new post is up..do drop by :D

  2. I like denim very much and Liberty too! I love floral prints! The combination jeans/denim and Liberty prints are amazing, I guess I will do something similar (as DIY), cause it's really great!

    1. Yes dear you should totally try it out! Let me know if you managed to DIY one yourself!

  3. Very nice inspiration and I like that patterns. Have a nice weekend.


  4. So interesting that the designs are laser burned :)
    Love the vest and the bustier!


  5. such a inspirations!



  6. Good luck with the competition!

    I really like those shorts with the design on them, such a nice mashup of the denim and the liberty print! :)

    Away From Blue

  7. Love this colaboration!!!

  8. Awesome post! SO cool:)