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Pictures by KJ
SINGAPORE BLOG AWARDS 2013  As you guys know, boyfriend and I attended the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 Ceremony which was held in Shanghai Dolly at Clarke Quay over the weekend as the annual awards finally drew to an end. It feels like the most magical thing just happened on me as JustJaslin is the grand winner of the "Best Fashion Blog" in this year's annual awards. I am overwhelmed - and I still am, as I write this article away by my desktop.

You do know that news have yet to sink in when you are still checking back on the results every night before you sleep just to make sure it's real. I am constantly going back and forth between joy and disbelief, as I'm still reeling in from the fact that JustJaslin won an award - among a total of thousand five hundred over applicants in this year's Blog Awards! Oh gosh someone please give me a hard shake already.

I don't know what to say about it. I feel like this award goes to everyone of you who have supported me in one way or another. Whether it's the click of that "Like" button for my updates or pictures on my Facebook page, the encouraging comments you guys leave on my entries, or the endearing support that I received during the campaign period. I would like to give a big shout out of "Thank you"! Just in case you guys might be interested, this is the entry which I have submitted: 60's Empire Waist.

The dress code for this year's annual awards ceremony is also in line with the 60s theme, so I attempted to dressed up in a 60's mode look for the occasion. I literally went crazy with my wardrobe, only to decide to tone down the look at the last minute. You know, the feeling of how some times you just feel like you had found the perfect wardrobe, only to feel that you look like a complete wardrobe disaster 30 minutes later? Yep that was just what happened exactly and hence this is a pretty safe look I must say. Not exactly a 60's look but rather more of a modern twist to the 60's geometric prints and glamour in sequins. What do you think of it?

I was feeling all so excited and jittery about coming to the Awards Ceremony. I am running as a finalist in two categories, one in the Main category of Levi's Best Fashion Blog and a second one in the Special category of Levi's 501 Interpretation Blog. Every where was packed full with some people in really creative 60's get up! I was also with the lovely Zoe from MyPeaceOfHeaven, and while everyone was waiting for the ceremony to start I guess we were the only ones eyeing the buffet spread which was right in front of us - what a glutton! Guilty as charged. 

So anyway, the ceremony started pretty quickly with the award of prizes to the 7 special categories first, before moving on to the 10 main categories in this year's award. The gorgeous Claire from Claires-Flair won the category for Levi's 501 Interpretation Blog! Feeling really happy for her because all of us had put in much effort into the campaign and she has submitted really good entries. 

But of course, not without feeling a little disappointment within. I really did thought that was it for the awards because even though the results for the main category has yet to be announced, all of the other finalists were all incredibly outstanding. Never would I have expected to win the award - well not quite until the emcee announced JustJaslin. And my name.

What exactly happened after that was pretty much a blur. I got ushered out to the front for an interview (with my hands still trembling), and Janet from Omy had also congratulated me on my win where she told me why had the panel of judges picked me. There you have it, I must have the words disbelief plastered on my face. 

Here's Jasmine from ScissorsPaperStone Blog who has won the Best Lifestyle Blog award!

The interview session was conducted in Chinese language, which I think I must have gave a verbal vomit. I am very poor at speaking Chinese language now and therefore it was all a mix of English and Singlish. Not to mention that I can't remember what I spoke about as I was still in shock then. I hope I didn't get too far off the track (which I think I already did on multiple times with my train of thoughts not coming together). 

I also got the chance to speak to our Ministor Mr. Lawrence Wong in person as we had a short chat about my blog. He's really such a friendly character and we even caught a few pictures together at the photobooth with the other lovely winners.  

Picture credit to

A group shot together with the other winners of the 10 main categories. 

And meet these two gorgeous ladies Grace from WorkWithGrace who is also the winner of the Best Individual Blog, and Christina from TravelGraphy who won the Best Photography Blog Award. 

This is the gorgeous Claire who won Levi's 501 Interpretation Blog Awards category. Would like to say special thanks to Levi's for being the main sponsor in both of the categories which I am in, and also for the Best Fashion Blog award which was sponsored by Levi's. I have learnt so much about the brand during this period and it had been such a pleasure experience as well. 

The meaningful trophy which is seating on my desk right now, also represents wise words and a symbol of truthfulness, objectivity and integrity when it comes to blogging. 

Congratulations to all of the 19 winners last Saturday at Singapore Blog Awards!
Special thanks to Omy and all the sponsors for making this happen.  

Not forgetting the man and the photographer behind JustJaslin, my main source of support and encouragement to start my style blog right from Day 1 when I just used to dream about it passively. 

Outfit of the Day

Top: Bysi (Special thanks to Angela)
Pants: Lovelle Boutique
Heels: Lovelle Boutique
Handbag: Cotton On Malaysia
Ring: BoxBoss Northpoint

Thank you for reading!
You can also check out the list of the other winners in Singapore Blog Awards 2013 here.

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  1. Congrats on your win my Dear.

  2. Ooooo, that is great. Have a nice day.

  3. Precioso top!!

  4. Oh wow, congrats! That looks like an amazing ceremony!

    Corinne x

  5. Congratulations! I see the ceremony was amazing and you looked very elegant and stylish! The catering was also great, I could see a great cake :)

  6. So what did Janet tell you about why they chose you!? Haha So exciting I wanna hear! Can you believe we were still saying just moments before that the others are too pro alr, and then suddenly your name was announced? :D Congrats once again Jaslin!! You have yourself an Award-winning blog! Knock it in alr! Hahaha :D

    Can't seem to comment under Wordpress so I'm using anonymous!
    Zoe :)

  7. Congratulations babe! Your hard work paid off and you look great!

  8. AHH that is so exciting! Congrats girlie - well deserved! I LOVE your outfit. Those trousers are killer xo

  9. Congratulations dear :)
    Even if that is a little bit safe outfit, I still think it is a cool interpretation on the 60's!

  10. Congratulations! wow...You deserve it totally...

  11. this is very nice outfit honey. and congrats :)

  12. Congratulations! I think you deserve it absolutely :D

  13. Congratulations dear! Love your top: :)

  14. Felicitaciones, un premio muy merecido por cierto!
    Te dejo un fuerte abrazo.

  15. Congratulations!Love your posts and pictures.

  16. Congratulations!I love your pictures,so beautiful!!!

  17. Congrats Jaslin!!! I am really happy for you and you really do deserve it!!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  18. Amazing pics!!! <3

  19. Amazing outfit! I love it:)

  20. i am absolutely in LOVE with your outfit here. i have been looking for block-heel sandals like that and can't find them..until now that it :) and congrats on the award, that must have been so satisfying! i'll be following you now, i love your blog, and hope you can follow me too:)

    Ginger @ Chic by Night

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