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STYLE OF THE MONTH  It has been quite a while since my last update and you know, it's making me feel so uneasy and disconnected. So what's happening over the last week is that my semester has just started again and I'm still trying to adjust my schedules to juggle everything on my plate. But as you guys may have noticed if you followed me on Instagram (@JustJaslin) or Facebook, there's been a couple of updates and among which, is that I've refreshed my perm at Jean Yip Hairdressing @ Plaza Singapura! 

I must admit that I've gotten a little more daring with my hair now that I've cut my long tresses away during the beginning of the year. They used to mean so much to me (god knows why), but I think that's the feeling of attachment that comes with my butt sweeping hair then. So anyway, recently I have been featured as one of the special guests for Jean Yip's Style of The Month campaign among other stylish bloggers, and we got the pleasure to be sponsored by them for hair services during these three months. 

So here I am presenting you my new look after a nano keratin digital perm + scalp peel treatment which I'm totally raving about after getting them done. To be honest I wasn't even thinking about getting a perm when I walked into the outlet that day (damn right I did it). Cliche as it may sounds, it is the perfect waves I had wanted to go for long ago, but many a times I was told dejectedly that beach waves effect could never be achieved with a perm. While I had a nice korean perm earlier on in January, it was curls and not waves either so I just sort of gave up about the thought. 

Not until the senior stylist Joe at Jean Yip Hairdressing did magic on my hair. Initially I had only wanted to get them colored but Joe suggested a loose perm for me as it would suit my facial features well. The popular option was to just perm the lower ends from chin level, but since I had already done it similarly before I wanted to venture something different by requesting to have them closer to my roots. What do you think of the results? I'm loving them so much! I have also included some and details of my perm together with information on how to join in the Style Of The Month campaign by Jean Yip Hairdressing so do read on!


So last Thursday I had my appointment scheduled for 2pm in the afternoon with Jean Yip Hairdressing - Plaza Singapura. The place was rather crowded despite being the middle of the day on a weekday afternoon! My hair stylist is Joe who is also assisted by Chloe who has helped to worked on my hair. We had a short talk on what I wanted to do for my hair where I told them I wanted to do coloring, but Joe suggested a perm for me on my first appointment instead. 

Since I haven't did coloring for a couple of years already there was a slight concern of allergy. A scalp scan had also showed that I have an oily scalp with a mild case of dandruff, so Joe recommended to do a scalp peel treatment first where I could leave the coloring to my second appointment. In terms of both chemical services, it was also better to go for a perm and do coloring the next time round with a couple of rest days in between. Chloe has also shared with me is to not wash my hair for a day prior to coloring my hair because the natural oil would then better protect my scalp from the chemical products. 

They began my hair treatment by using little electric currents to kill the bacteria on my scalp which has little nice tingling feelings, followed an antiseptic lotion and a light wash. It felt so pampering! Chloe was also very sweet as she patiently explained to me the details of each step, where we also chatted as she helped to work on my hair. Following the wash a cream was applied on my roots to condition my hair in the way that they would better absorb keratin later on.

Plenty of magazines to keep me occupied throughout the process.

And that's my magic hairstylist Joe. After a second wash, my hair is coated with nano keratin. Keratin is actually a form of protein, where our hair is also made up of keratin so incorporating it into the chemical treatment would help also to repair damaged hair in the process. It was then quickly followed by rolling my hair into little rollers to prepare for the perm. They have different sizes of rollers, they were using the largest (size 6) on my hair and the little white sponges are actually in place to protect my face and scalp from getting direct contact with the heated curlers.

You can also specify how high do you want the curls to be at, such as from chin level for example, but I opted to do them close to my roots so the waves would have a natural looking body. The electrical cords were then attached for about half an hour before being removed as they set your curls and smoothed out the parts where the rubber bands' mark were.

After the perm it was back to treating my scalp and hair again. I had a scalp peel treatment which helps to remove clogged pores that is usually caused by oily scalp to prevent hair loss, before finishing with a small bottle of solution that was applied to my scalp which was meant to help with my mild dandruff before washing off. 

As they blow dried my hair, Joe also shared tips on how to style and keep my curls. We also had a second scan after the scalp peel treatment and I'm really happy to see that my scalp is looking relatively cleaner. The treatment is then finished by sitting under a mysterious red light that aids in blood circulation at the scalp. To be honest this is my first time having treatment done for my hair and I must say it did felt so pampering.

My hair didn't have the pungent chemical smell (instead it smells really nice) where I had to keep my hair out of the shower for two days before I get to wash them. The curls did lose a bit of shape at the end of two days (which I expected as Joe has pointed a magazine reference to me) but after washing them I had the most beautiful waves ever that it didn't even looked real. The results were so different to my first perm and right now I've got to take special care to make sure my waves don't go away too fast.

My hair took approximately four hours at the salon where the staff were all very friendly. The hospitality was beyond warm and even the manager himself kept popping by to for a chat and asked if I needed any drink or such. Right now I'm planning to schedule my second appointment with Joe for coloring some time in August! 


Meanwhile, here's how you could join in Jean Yip's Style of The Month Campaign and win yourself a $1,000 Jean Yip Hairdressing service voucher and more:

1st Step: Get your hair done at Jean Yip Singapore
Optional Step: Take a picture with your hairstylist (OPTIONAL)
Step Three: Complete the caption "My favourite stylists is from ‎#JeanYip because..."
Last Step: Post it on Jean Yip's Facebook Page and also email it to with your full name, NRIC/FIN no and Contact number

1x $1,000 Jean Yip Hairdressing service voucher
25x consolation prizes (total worth more than $1,000)

The entry with the most response, including "Like", "Comment" and "Share" will walk away with the 1st prize. If you would like you could also find my hair stylist Joe who is a senior stylist at Plaza Singapura. Good luck to all the participants!

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  1. What a nice day you spent, taking care of you :)
    I think it was a good decision, doing the curls closer to your roots! You hair looks so beautiful and natural :)

  2. it looks like you had a great day!

  3. Hey babe! You looked really beautiful with the black and white photos showing the hair and facial shots! Can consider doing those more often!

    PS: The waves are really nice, you looked much prettier in waves than straight hair! See ya soon :)

    1. Haha thanks Audrey! I will give it a shot! See you around soon~ :)

  4. so cool! :)

  5. Stunning pictures Jaslin <3
    the waves looks sooo pretty!

  6. I loved your hair now! You look very beautiful and stylish, and also trendy! I agree with you, I am not daring with my hair, I mean, colors maybe, but I always refuse to have a different cut!

  7. Hi, may i know how much you spend on the perms?

    1. Hello! For my hair length the perm would cost about $388 with Jean Yip Hairdressing. :)