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Sponsored Advertorial | Pictures by KJ
QUALITY CUT  Among all the clothes anyone can have, I think a black dress is a timeless investment and the perfect drawing paper when it comes to dressing up. They give you so much room for creativity but also looks so fine when worn simply. Just in case you're thinking I'm dressed safe like a plain Jane today, well you haven't quite seen my back! I got this Lauren Lace Back Dress that is kindly sponsored from this new online store called OutfitOTD, which is also short for Outfit Of The Day in hope to inspire every lady’s daily outfit. (You can never quite forget their name, isn't it?)

They have just launched their very first collection and I have never said this before, but the quality of this dress is exquisite. As I do most of my shopping online I never had high expectations when they arrive because usually most of them looks better on pictures. Except that this time round I was really impressed by its quality especially the sewing around crochet lace. I have seen so many laced apparels with bad tailoring that ends up with a bits and parts not sewn in well together that results in little torn openings around. 

What I also like about the dress has to be the cutting. The slim cut and visual of the lace accentuates the waist and a wider cutting around the hips brings out the curves - without being too tight like bodycons do. The thing about bodycons are that although they do bring out your figure, they also bring out every single inch (such as VPLs) which you might have to worry about or deal with, and that makes wearing them so uncomfortable. I mean, it brings self consciousness to a whole new level and I would rather do with a dress which has a little more room for comfort! I actually wore this out last Sunday to attend boyfriend's sister's piano concert at her school where we also went to explore the rest of the town thereafter. Keeping the accessories really light in this monochrome look and I hope you like it! You girls can also check out the other colors of this dress at www.outfitotd.com.

P.S. On hindsight, would you girls recommend I remove the tag or leave it as it is? 
Please let me know your opinions!

Outfit of the Day
Lauren Lace Back Dress: c/o OutfitOTD | (here)
  Watch: GUESS
Heels: Lovelle Boutique
Bag: Taobao
Shades: Chinatown Malacca

OutfitOTD Discount Code: "JUSTJASLIN10OFF"
mention the code at checkout for a 10% off your purchases.

Have a great time shopping!

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  1. amazing simple outfit. love it! :)


  2. Wonderful photos!! Perfect!!

  3. a very hot mono look. what a cool back cut it has.
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !

  4. love the dress..!
    and I love too if we can follow each other..


    visit my blog..
    My Journey
    mdayomi Bloglovin

  5. You look so elegant and pretty!
    And the tag doesn't really bother me :p


  6. You look gorgeous and I love this outfit! I'm so glad I found your blog through Susannah's FF because your blog is lovely and its cool how you live in singapore as well!
    I just followed you on GFC, and I hope you can check out my blog!


  7. i love the quality of your blog!


  8. You wore it so well love. Absolutely stunning!

  9. love see through bag, so cute love!

  10. Love those details on the back...


  11. Perfect dress ! Beautiful style :)