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Pictures by KJ
HOT WEEKENDS Yesterday has to be one of those days where I left my house thinking I'm dressed up pretty neat, only to realise how much of a frump I'm looking after I got home. Seriously, what was I thinking when I decided to tuck that white top which holds no shape into my shorts? Not to mention that my friends are telling me I tend to look pale on my pictures.. and today I find myself agreeing with that. I'm honestly embarrassed with myself. I was thinking it would looked better if I threw a khaki jacket over my shoulders, but in no way would the weather permit that (it's 34°C!). 

Over the weekends boyfriend and I were out running errands on the go so that calls for some flats. Had this pair of transparent pointy flats paired with a hard case clutch which I have been looking for all over the place! I couldn't find it anywhere in Singapore for a reasonable price and neither in Bangkok when I asked my friend to help me keep a look out for it. Imagine my happiness when I finally came across it on Zalora! I am on a mini collaboration with Zalora where the lovely team wanted to sponsor them for me and that makes me feel so blessed for all the opportunities that I receive. Both the flats and hard case clutch complements each other so well with the gold and transparent details. I'm in love. 

It's really fun to work with a transparent case clutch because you gotta be strategic about what you're gonna put in them, if not it's going to look like a hot mess! We also passed by the Changi Airport while on errands and there's always this thing about being at the airport that lifts my mood and makes me so relaxed. Do you also feel the same while at the airport as well? 

Outfit of the Day

Top: Lovelle Boutique
Shorts: MGL Shorts
Necklace: Bugis Street
Hard Case Clutch: c/o Zalora | item (here)
Flats: Kyliah Glitter Flats c/o Zalora | item (here

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  1. Great outfit Jaslin!
    Love the clutch <3 I've been searching for one like that :)


  2. Great shorts and your necklace! great bag. look lovely!

  3. Amazing!


  4. Jaslin I adore your bag!! :)


  5. love the outfit, and especially love the clutch!!

    Ginger @ Chic by Night

  6. Absolutely love this outfit!! Perfect for summer!


  7. you look gorgous as always! :) stunning outfit!


  8. Love this fresh look. Your makeup looks great and I really love how the clear bag adds a little something extra too!


  9. I love airports, even if I'm not the one departing there's something magical about them, definitely calming too. I feel you on the pale thing. I never tan so unless I spray I look like death hahaha. Loving how neat you've layered up your stuff in that clutch. This has to be the most successful yet. Others just seem to ram stuff in or just keep their mobile inside - boring and unrealistic!


  10. Very pretty. I love your short and your mini bag is amazing ! :)

  11. CHIC…. oh yes!!!!


  12. I think this outfit looks so nice on you! :)

    The gold touches are so pretty, such a nice casual weekend outfit :)

    Away From Blue